Labia puffing: the latest, most bamboozling beauty trend

In a bid to slow the ageing process, women are taking to a series of intimate injections, resulting in a "rejuvenated" vagina.

By Katie Skelly
Just when you thought you’d heard it all…
“Labia puffing” is the latest trend to hit the cosmetic surgery circuit, and let’s just say it's not for the faint-hearted.
The non-surgical procedure involves injections of either one's own fat or dermal fillers in the labia majora. This is aimed at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, resulting in a "younger-looking" vagina.
Speaking to Daily Star Online, plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden reveals that women are opting for this unexpected treatment to prevent their vaginas losing “volume and fullness with age as well as elasticity of the skin.”
“The benefit of labia puffing is that it uses you own fat from another area of your body to add volume back to an area that deflates with time," she says.
“This makes it look great as it immediately refills it to an appearance similar to what it may have looked like prior to child-bearing and/or menopause.”
Some women have cited the procedure as a confidence booster, reporting that, in some cases, it has improved their sex lives.
While some women choose to use their own fat taken from the abdominal or inner-thigh areas, others opt for dermal fillers similar to that currently being widely used in the face or lips.
The $3000 treatment is said to take around 15-30 minutes, with a recovery time of almost immediately.
While the surprising trend is not hugely requested in Australia at this time, the 1,300 patients who underwent a labiaplasty in 2013 would suggest that it may soon be...

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