Treatment for psoriasis

I have terrible psoriasis and I'm dreading baring my skin with summer approaching. What's the latest treatment?
W. Harris, Surry Hills, NSW.
Dermatologist Dr Jo-Ann See explains that psoriasis is a skin condition partly caused by overactive T-cells in the immune system triggering an inflammatory reaction in the skin. This causes skin cells to multiply much faster than normal, appearing as red, flaky patches.
Sufferers have a genetic predisposition to psoriasis, but it doesn't appear until it's triggered by something such as significant stress or an illness as simple as a cold or a bacterial sore throat. "Once you've unmasked it, you've got it - you can't cure it, only control it," says Dr See. "It appears on areas like elbows, knees, bottoms or scalps and most people find that it improves with warm weather. New on the treatment scene is a prescription ointment called Daivobet that's a combination of a vitamin D cream with a steroid.
"The latest exciting development reserved for cases that don't respond to traditional treatment options like UVB light therapy or topical creams is biologics, which are chemical compounds that fight psoriasis at an immune level, targeting the cells that make psoriasis."
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