From royal style icons to Hollywood bombshells: The holy grail skincare products our favourite celebrities swear by

Ever wondered how Megan Gale gets her supermodel glow or Miranda Kerr banishes under-eye bags? Look no further.

By Alana Mazzoni
We often look at the world's most stunning celebrities and assume they fork out thousands on microdermabrasion treatments, face peels and vampire facials.
And while these cosmetic luxuries are all most likely part of their skincare routine, dozens of our favourite stars also opt for affordable and easy-to-get-your-hands-on staple products.
We were as shocked as you to find out that even beauty mogul Kim Kardashian's holy grail cleanser is under $20, while Nicole Kidman's go-to moisturiser can be bought at Chemist Warehouse.
Take a look at the secrets behind these beautiful ladies' youthful, glowing skin.