Six races, six faces: Black beauty

Australia is known for its ethnic diversity. From Indigenous to blonde, Mediterranean, Asian, Celtic and dark-skinned, Australian multi-cultural beauty embraces all races, skin tones, hair and eye colouring and exudes a fresh and natural appeal, which reflects the vibrant, laid-back spirit of the country.

Black beauty
When world-renowned make-up artist Bobbi Brown first started working as a makeup artist in the 1980s, she says it was difficult to find shades and textures that suited black women.
"Thankfully, the marketplace has changed, and there are now many options that cater to an ethnically diverse consumer base," she comments.
"Black women can have different skin tones within their faces. The skin tends to be darker across the forehead and perimeter of the face and lighter at the middle, including the cheeks."
"To create a seamless look between the areas, have three foundation shades on hand, so you can experiment to see which shades work best on different areas of your face, and then blend them."
Blush basics
Avoid any blush that looks ashy on your skin. Lighter skin tones look pretty and natural in dark bronzers. Apricot, rose, plum, and soft pinks also work well.
Lip tricks
The lighter your lips’ natural tone, the lighter your lipstick should be. It should be a reflection of your natural lip colour, so no ashy, pale shades.
"Deep, yet sheer lip colour looks modern and natural on all black women," says Bobbi.
Eye style
"When a woman has a lot of natural, dark colour in her lids, look at it as a natural eye shadow,” says Bobbi. “But for something special, try a shimmery brown shadow [Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Chocolate, $44]."
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