Why you should use seaweed in your skincare routine

Nutrient-rich and Victoria Beckham-approved.

By Skin by ecostore
The beauty world's fascination with the ocean has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, with products like Dead Sea salt scrubs and sea salt hair-texturing sprays cementing themselves as cult favourites. But the real stand-out amongst these ocean-derived products? Seaweed.
Though you might despise the slimy stuff at the beach, seaweed is actually one of the hardest working crops on the planet, and has a bunch of benefits for your skin. With such a good rep, it's no wonder that celebrity A-listers, such as Kim Kardashian West and Victoria Beckham, are swearing by seaweed-enriched creams, serums, body oils and scrubs.
From acne prevention to pigmentation prevention, we've rounded up all the reasons you should start using seaweed in your skincare routine.

Seaweed contains anti-ageing vitamins

Naturally, we all want to hold on to our youthful complexions for as long as possible, but finding the right method and products to do so can prove tricky. The supermarket aisles are filled with all sorts of potions and lotions that claim to reduce the signs of ageing — you probably have a few of them lying dormant in your bathroom cabinet — but chances are, many of those products are filled with harsh chemical ingredients that do more harm to your skin than good.
Enter seaweed. The unique sea plant is filled with an abundance of antioxidants and amino acids that, when applied to the face, work together to protect against skin ageing.
With more and more information surfacing about the beneficial properties of seaweed, many skincare brands have started to harness the powerful ingredient. Developing the ultimate facial care trio, SKIN by ecostore's Gentle Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturiser and Replenishing Night Cream, each use New Zealand seaweed alongside other powerful, sustainably sourced ingredients in their formula. Each product is packed with bioactive ingredients that are proven to increase collagen and improve skin elasticity and regeneration. So if you're looking for the perfect facial care trio that will work wonders for your complexion, look no further.

It can help combat pigmentation

It's one of the inevitable signs of ageing – caused by over-exposure to the sun and hormone imbalance – and unfortunately, pigmentation can make otherwise problem-free skin appear dull and uneven. While many existing treatments for pigmentation can be harsh and invasive – like laser treatments or chemical peels – seaweed is an all-natural solution that requires no downtime.
Containing high levels of niacin (part of the vitamin B family), seaweed helps to boost skins moisture and heal damaged skin by regenerating new skin cells. Seeking out serums and face oils that contain seaweed extract can be a great way to start introducing the product as a means of ridding of nasty blemishes.

It’s a natural exfoliant

While you may have great skincare habits, your routine could be all going to waste if you're not using a mix of detoxifying ingredients. Many scrubs and cleansers on the market contain chemical ingredients that may leave skin feeling smooth and fresh, but don't actually get to the root of the problem.
The beauty of seaweed is its natural exfoliating properties. Filled with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, seaweed can help to draw out impurities and revitalise the skin. It also contains anti-bacterial properties, so if you suffer from mild acne, it can help to keep breakouts at bay. If you're looking to make the switch, start by seeking out seaweed-infused face masks and introduce a seaweed scrub into your weekly cleansing routine.

It can help reduce skin inflammation

If you find yourself suffering from skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, seaweed-infused lotions and moisturisers can be your natural skincare saviour. Kim Kardashian West is a huge fan of seaweed-based beauty, swearing it as a means to clear her symptoms of psoriasis.
So how does it actually work? It's all about the alginates. Naturally found in seaweed, alginate acids lock in moisture, and when applied to the complexion, work to soothe and hydrate the skin. When used with B vitamins, seaweed acts as an ideal natural anti-inflammatory, and a hero ingredient in hydrating moisturisers.

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