Glamour that costs you nothing! How to give yourself an at-home massage for a DIY anti-ageing facelift

Wrinkles be gone!

By Faye Couros
The ageing process can feel overwhelming at times because of all the noise surrounding it.
Even though we have options like Botox, facelifts, and treatments, the beauty sphere is lucrative, and you often pay for what you get.
Luckily, we can implement some cost-effective actions like wearing sunscreen, eating well, and regularly moving our bodies.
However, while we are exercising to strengthen our body, we forget the muscles in our face need attention.
To remedy this one of the most cost-effective treatments you can implement into your beauty routine in the morning and at night is an at-home face massage.
Now To Love spoke to skincare expert Francine Ithier who owns the Miss Franc clinic in Paddington, Sydney, about the best massage routine for a DIY facelift.
Francine explained that it's a great way to increase the circulation and flow of blood through your face, and it stimulates lymphatic drainage.
Now, to get started, she recommends washing your face before tending to the upper area of your forehead.
Bring your fingertips to your forehead and zig-zag across to stimulate blood flow and do the same from the opposite direction.
From here, travel down from your forehead to the temples and place some pressure before you firmly massage across the area.
Then you want to place your fingers in the centre of your tear ducts and make a circular motion going out across your brow and repeat that a few times.
Massaging your face will increase blood flow and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Getty
Since the eye area is delicate, make sure you put your serums and eye creams on before beginning the massage.
"The nose is the trickiest part because we say to everyone to pull things upwards, but you can't pull your nose up.
"So, we kind of go downwards through the nose and across the cheek. That's the easiest way to massage the nose up through the centre bone and down the sides, and across the cheek to the temple area. Then every time you do that, it goes lower and lower," says Francine.
To tend to your mouth, place your thumb inside and massage the inner part of your cheek, and pull your lip out to stretch it.
"I also go across the lip quite firmly then again across the cheek, down the tragus of the ear, down the ear and to the neck because that is where it drains our lymphatic system," explains Francine.
"The neck is where you will drain the toxins out because that is where all your major lymph nodes are." Getty
Next, it's time to give your chin some love by dragging your fingers across the jawbone and then down your neck.
Lastly, do not ever forget your neck!
"The neck is where you will drain the toxins out because that is where all your major lymph nodes are, so massaging that area helps release all the toxins and prevents them from building up in your face," she says.
First, lather on your favourite serums and then use upward motions from where your vocal cords are, and then Francine recommends you flick up the skin around the side of your neck.
Beyond doing wonders for your skin, it will also feel good. Getty
Then turn your attention to your decolletage and, in circular motions, move your hands around and around the area to stimulate blood flow and release toxins.
Beyond the results you will see from these efforts, the whole routine will feel luxurious and help release any stress you hold in your face.
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