How to: Shape your eyes to make them pop

Want to make those peepers pop? The AWW Beauty Team shares their tips on how to best use shape your eyeshadow.
Deep-set eyes:
Line the top eyelid with a dark shadow. Avoid blending over the lid, as this can make the eye seem to recede. Instead, blend a lighter shade over the lid and into the socket.
Almond-shaped eyes:
To create an illusion of this shape, line the top lid with dark brown or black shadow, from the inner corner gradually thickening the line towards the outer corner. Blend a fine line under lower lashes.
Small eyes:
To open an eye, accentuate the socket line with a natural shadow, making it wider and higher towards the outer corner. For evening, apply a few individual false eyelashes to the outer corner of the upper lid.
Large or too-oval eyes:
Balance with a triangle of darker shadow in the innermost corner of the eye, making sure you blend the colour.

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