Begin your ethical beauty journey by investing in these vegan haircare products for glossy and replenished tresses

It's also free from nasties, which is great for your scalp.

By Faye Couros
Over the past few years, we have become more aware of the consequences of our actions on our lovely planet with increasingly depleted resources.
We are conscious of overconsumption, the cost of animal products, and sustainability.
As a result, we have a desire to make more ethical choices to reduce our consumer footprint.
This sentiment extends to our beauty routines, and even though we want to make good choices, it can become overwhelming with so many products and ingredients on the market.
To simplify the journey, it's easier to divide your beauty routine into sections, and for an easy start, vegan hair care is a great way to begin your ethical journey.
Vegan products are free from animal-derived ingredients like honey, beeswax, collagen, carmine, lanolin, and gelatine.
It's also important to consider other ingredients featured in haircare that are damaging for your scalp and hair.
Watch out for synthetic fragrances, because according to Love Hair, it's an irritating ingredient that can cause redness, hives, itching and dermatitis.
Sulphates are a typical component we're used to seeing in our products, but it's a horrible chemical that will strip the moisture and natural oils from your hair.
Silicones are also a false friend because while they can make your tresses appear hydrated and glossy, it's a superficial reaction that's not penetrating the hair shaft – so it's basically useless.
Also, beware of coal tar, phthalates, and denatured alcohols.
Luckily, most vegan products won't feature these nasties, but it's always wise to double-check.
Enjoy these conditioners, shampoos, and treatments for guilt-free and amazing results to begin your vegan haircare journey.
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