Meghan Markle's chic 1960s up-do just became this summer's trendiest hairstyle

Beelining for the beehive.

By Jess Pullar
Meghan Markle's hair is iconic in its own right, and that's because she has nailed three key styles to a tee: a humble pony tail, out and wavy and, of course, her ever-enviable slicked-back bun.
But the Duchess has just thrown us all off-whack after she stepped out wearing her hair in a style she's never rocked before, and we are taking notes and pinning pics of it to our mood boards immediately.
Stepping out for a roundtable discussion with The Queen's Commonwealth Trust and One Young World in Windsor on Friday, October 25, Meghan turned heads for several, very obvious reasons.
The first, of course, being that it was Meghan Markle - style icon and a literal Princess.
Second, her bright red outfit, consisting a chic V-neck jersey and a Hugo Boss red leather skirt was jaw-dropping enough in its own right. The look was bold and beautiful on the royal.
But it was the third thing that struck us as the most exciting (and straight up inspiring). Her beehive up-do was dripping in 1960s perfection and, frankly, it's our new summertime mood.
Meghan looked chic in a 1960s-esque hairstyle. (Getty)
Meghan's chic up-do is a step outside of the box for the 38-year-old, and will likely inspire a lot of people to recreate it themselves.
While the person behind the Duchess's latest hairstyle remains a mystery (it might even have been Meghan herself!) the royal is known to engage some of the very best with it comes to her tresses.
Last year, Meghan chose hairstylist George Northwood to accompany her on her royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, where he ensured the then pregnant Meghan's hair was always looking picture perfect.
Northwood however is notoriously private when it comes to matters of Markle herself, so unfortunately, we have only a slew of stunning photos, a hairbrush and plenty of bobby pins to go off when it comes to recreating this look.
The Duchess nailed the beehive to a tee. (Getty)
At the event on Friday, Meghan and Harry collaborated with One Young World and the Queen's Commonwealth Trust's young leaders.
They discussed how these young people will continue driving to make a meaningful change and empower women, sharing their achievements and practices that have helped to empower communities to overcome complex challenges.
The event was initially intended to be attended by Meghan alone, however it seems Prince Harry decided to get on board at the last minute too.
Watch some of the highlights from the event below. Story continues after video...
During the event, Meghan comically referenced Harry's last minute arrival, thanking guests for "letting him crash the party".
She explained the duo's joint appearance, saying that their discussion of gender equality needed to be balanced.
"[This] has been something I have championed for quite a long time, you know I think that conversation can't happen without men being part of it," she confidently told those at the table.
Agreed in all senses - we always love seeing a joint appearance from the loved-up pair regardless!

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