Beauty brand Lush releases a new product in protest against Trump

Yuge news.

By Amber Elias
Not known to shy away from controversial issues, beauty brand Lush is releasing 'Yuge' - a hair treatment product inspired by US president Donald Trump.
The volumising, hot-oil hair treatment will be in Australian stores later this year, and as for the name? Yuge is the mispronounced way Trump says "huge" (we know) - his go-to filler word.
"We are forthcoming with the fact that the product was inspired by Trump’s use of the word ‘yuge’ given the product’s voluminous nature," said a spokesperson from Lush.
Yuge actually seems like a great product for your hair and despite its somewhat orange inspiration, it's actually coloured blue. The solid formula contains jojoba oil for softness and sea salt for volume, and the bar dissolves in water to create the treatment.
Yuge is just one of Lush's new launches this year, which were detailed at the brand's 2017 UK summit. Trump himself even made a guest appearance... (no, we're kidding) but the brand had a tongue-in-cheek special guest in attendance during the yuge presentation.
^ Check out his tiny hands...
Lush recently released their new campaign in the US called 'All Are Welcome', with the aim of standing up for "inclusivity, compassion and respect for all people."
“Lush has always championed for inclusivity and acceptance in diversity,” says a spokesperson for the company. “It’s no surprise that we’ve chosen to take our stance on the kind of future we want to live in.”
We can't wait to give this product a whirl.