PSA: These hair clips are the new hair trend of 2019 - here's how to nail it

You're about to see this EVERYWHERE.

By Jess Pullar
In decades past we've seen many hair trends come and go - the majority of which were certifiably regrettable.
Hairstyles crimped, streaked and frosted at the tips (never forget) will forever be iconic to the nineties and naughties.
Luckily, the 2010s provided us with marginally better taste - the classic lob revival, the tough-to-nail-but-exceptional-when-done-right ombré 'do, and most recently the boho chic hair scarf.
But it seems there's one final hair frenzy of the decade currently thriving in its hey-day, and its style, simplicity and lack-of-effort required means we're well and truly on board.
Enter the humble hair clip - your next hair accessory that's simple, fashionable, and likely to last you until at least 2020.
Zoe Foster-Blake has been outspoken on her love of hair clips - and their ability to hide a grown-out fridge. (Image: Instagram / @lisawipfli)
You may have already seen the trend being worn in the masses around the streets, on style blogs, social media and littered throughout fashion mags.
And it's for a good reason - this new hair accessory is one that'd be tough to muck up, and even better, you can totally get away with wearing it with three-day-unwashed hair - winner!
So how do you wear 2019's biggest hair trend, you ask?
Look no further - we take a look at exactly where to get your hands on these puppies (budget-friendly options included) and how you can perfect the style in seconds.
Bring on all the good hair days!

How to wear it

Like many trends that have reared their heads (likely with a hair scarf in tow) over the past year, the hair clip trend isn't new in any sense of the word.
In fact, much like the pyjamas-as-clothing and lingerie-as-swimsuits fad (read: the loincloth bikini anyone?), this particular hair trend has previously been kept behind the scenes and out of the public eye.
Think models backstage before they hit the runway - large hair clips are often used to pull their hair back off the face, placed up high towards the crown of the head.
While the look is undeniably pretty, they're actually often only there for practicality (as opposed to fashion) while makeup artists work their magic.
But now - the look is here to stay long after the models have entered the runway and knocked off for the day.
The new trend has been a backstage staple in fashion shows for years. (Image: Getty)
When it comes to nailing the look, simply part your hair, choose a side (or both sides, if you're feeling bold), and pull your hair back with your brand-new clip.
And voila, you could probably do it in your sleep!
See how some of our favourite celebrities have nailed it below.
British model Alexa Chung takes the slicked-back look to the next level. (Image: Instagram / @alexachung)
Kendall Jenner looks heavenly with these raised floral clips. (Image: Getty)
Even Kate Middleton has given the style her own twist, using a plastic claw clip on her tresses. (Image: Getty)
Gigi Hadid's Met Gala look last year was the stuff of hair clip dreams. (Image: Getty)

Where to buy them

Now that you've got the technique down-pat, it's probably a good time to actually invest in the key ingredient - the hairclip itself!
The best part? There are countless colours, prints and styles to choose from - so you've got no excuse to accessorise your outfit of the day to perfection.
Keep scrolling as we roundup some of the best and affordable options available.
MIMCO Mimette Barette, $29.95. Available online here.
Valet Mini Barrettes Pair, $40. Available online via The Iconic here.
Lady Jane Shell Hairclip, $7.49. Available online here.
Showpo Out of Love Pearl Hair Pin, $16.95. Available online here.

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