EXCLUSIVE: Celeste Barber unveils her brand new blonde hair transformation

And she looks incredible!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Aussie comedian Celeste Barber's Instagram account is a total blessing in an age where our feeds often feel like they're filled with influencers and bikini models who take life - and themselves - way too seriously.
Celeste's hilarious, pitch-perfect parodies of celebrities and models have earned her a legion of loyal followers - 6.2 million to be exact - as well as a successful podcast, a book deal, a stackload of lucrative brand partnerships and even a friendship with the famous fashion designer Tom Ford.
Now Celeste, who lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and two young children, has now has unveiled a dramatic new hair transformation, dying her trademark brown locks into a bold blonde, as part of a brand partnership with haircare brand Schwarzkopf Professional and their first National BLONDME Week, which encourages Australian women to embrace a beauty change and go blonde.
Celeste's transformation took 12 hours in the salon chair. Supplied
Celeste showing off her brand new look. Supplied
A hilarious still from the new campaign. Supplied
But going blonde was no easy feat, with Schwarzkopf Professional's hair colourist Matt Clements, who coloured Celeste's hair himself, revealing the whole process took an entire day in the salon.
"I spent 1-12 hours with [Celeste] yesterday, colouring her hair," Matt revealed to Now To Love.
"She just looks like she's just left the Met Gala. She looks incredibly glamorous," Matt said.
"I wanted her to look like she's been a blonde her entire life and she looks like she's only ever been that colour."
Karlie Kloss, left, and Celeste, right. (Instagram)
Her hilarious parody of model and actress Em Rata. (Instagram)
Her bang-on parody of Miley Cyrus. (Instagram)
Celeste first unveiled the transformation on her Instagram account on Monday, when she posted a hilarious parody of American model Karlie Kloss, uploading a pic of herself and her new blonde hair.
Her followers were quick to praise the bold new transformation.
"Your hair!!! Yeees qweeeen," one fan wrote, while another said, "I love your hair!! So pretty!!" and another simply said, "Bloooooond?!?!?"
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So, if you want to go blonde, exactly what kind of maintenance is required?
Well first of all, you'll need to ditch your supermarket shampoo and conditioner and invest in salon-quality products
"You absolutely need to get a professional product if you want your colour to look good for more than the day you've had it done," Matt said.
And to ensure the colour stays fresh, regular appointments every few weeks are essential.
"If you have a soft, lived-in blonde or freehand balayage, you may get three months out of your colour, but return to the salon every 4-6 weeks for a refresher or toner. For a bleached blonde, perfect regrowth for me is five weeks. If you leave it too long too long, that can involve banding and unevenness, he said.