Marion Cotillard's lips have rattled the internet

Who knew a facial feature had so much power?

By Amber Manto
French actress Marion Cotillard has sent the internet into combustion again after she uploaded a number of selfies showcasing some rather plump-looking lips.

Naturally, fans were quick to speculate she’d stopped in for injectables as her lips were rather swollen, compared to her natural set.
“How disappointing. You were a beautiful natural actress and now you are just another Hollywood plastic girl. Just remove that unnecessary filler and be yourself!,” wrote Instagram user ginevraadamoli.
“Oh god no, not the trout pout!” wrote another, oneguycoding.
“Please, PLEASE stop ruining your lips! They were perfect before! You are so beautiful and talented – no need to alter your appearance,” added adbreece.
Marion suspiciously tagged the first photo "To be..." the second photo "or not to be..." and the last and final photo "...Rock'n'roll #rocknrolllefilm", which is her new film that's set to be released any moment. The captions made fans question whether this was a clever way to drum up attention for the project (worked).
She'll be playing herself in Rock'n'roll which has only confused the internet even more with many asking; why do you need to look different to play yourself?!
To clear up the matter, her rep told People the throwback photos taken on set and Marion is simply wearing prosthetic lips (who knew that was even a thing?!) as part of her character's transformation towards the end of the film.
However, fueling speculation, Marion hasn't been seen in public since last month when she attended the film's premiere in Paris rocking a normal set of lips.
At the film's premiere mid-February.
So, for our own personal sanity, we asked an expert who agreed that if they're not prosthetic, it's a botched job.
"She absolutely looks like she has had lip fillers, and too much at that," says Dr James Southwell-Keely a Sydney-based plastic surgeon, who went on to explain why it's a dodgy job, if it is the work of plastic surgery.
"She has had an excess of filler injected into both halves of her upper lip, without attending to the central third, leaving her looking very unnatural. This appearance is characteristic of poor filler placement. Her lower lip is simply too large, once again representing over use of filler."
Clearly angled photos? Excellent prosthetic work? Serious make-up skills? Pregnancy water retention or bad filler placement?
Guess we'll just have to wait until our next Marion sighting. 'Til then...