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Question: I recently bought an eyeliner pencil, but don’t know where or how to apply it for a professional finish. Whitney Answer: The best place to apply eyeliner pencil is very close to the top lashes. Blend the edges with a cotton or slanted make-up brush to diffuse the line and give you a smoky […]

Wedding make-up

Question: I am getting married and have a fair complexion. What colours would you suggest for a natural look and what down-hairstyles are in this season? Heidi, via e-mail. Answer: I always think that a combination of peaches and soft pinks work well on a pale complexion. You should, however, have a trial before the […]
Real Life

I broke up my sister’s relationship!

My sister had recently bought a brand new, expensive laptop computer after months and months of saving. I couldn’t wait to get on it, so when she was out one day I slipped into her room and went on the Internet. I was searching for some information on a project I was doing at uni, […]

Three legs

Question: Dear Dr Julie, Last week my little golden retriever had his hind leg amputated due to cancer. I was wondering if you had any special tips for an expedited recovery and any advice on possible prosthetic attachments for my dog. Thank you very much, Selina, via e-mail Answer: Oh, your poor little man. The […]

Bathing dogs

Question: If you have a big dog such as a rottweiler, instead of bathing them in water, just put a generous amount of bicarb soda all over them. Leave for a few minutes and then brush off. Your dog will be shiny and smelling clean! Answer: Jan Forde-Kelly, via e-mail.

Angie’s great golf adventure!

By Annette Campbell Angie Innes, a 45-year-old mother-of-two from Sydney’s north-western suburbs, has a health and wellbeing message for all of us. “Have a hit of golf!” she smiles. “It’ll do you the world of good.” Earlier this year, just before her 45th birthday, Angie made a list of things she wanted to do for […]

Dry hands

Question: I work in a fruit and veg area of a shop and find my hands are so dry and cracked. I put cream on often during the day, Avon and Rosken Skin Repair, but to no avail. Please help, they look terrible! Carol, via e-mail. Answer: The best advice I can give you is […]
Real Life

The red wine outfit

My mother and I are very close. She’s 40-years-old and I’m 20. We have gone through a lot together, and do fight, but we still remain the best of friends. One day, she splurged on a fantastic top, which she bought from Myer for $150. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. […]

Nasty cat

Question: I previously shared a house with one other female and my cat. Everything was going fine and my cat was behaving normally, until my flatmate moved out and I had a male move in. Now my cat follows him around, always wanting to sit on his lap (he never does this with me) and […]

Flaky skin

Question: Just one can of sardines a week can make a huge difference to a puppy’s appearance and irritated skin. They’ll shine for longer and be a happy puppy! This also works well as a reward for good behavior. Answer: Daina, via e-mail.