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Prince William's fury over Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's most likely baby name

''It's another case of Meghan refusing to fall into line.''

It's no secret the Duchess of Sussex has modelled herself on Princess Diana at every step of her journey to becoming a member of the royal family. Everything from Meghan's sartorial choices through to her charity work – and even her body language – have echoed her husband Prince Harry's late mum.
And now it can be revealed that insiders are convinced the excited couple will pay the ultimate tribute to 37-year-old Meghan's mentor from beyond the grave by naming their first-born child, due any day now, Diana.
But one person who may be less than impressed by Meghan and Harry's favoured baby name is the prince's big brother, William.
It's believed William wanted to name his daughter Princess Charlotte after his mum, but instead made it one of her middle names out of respect to his father, Prince Charles.
"William felt it would be a little unseemly given his dad has a new wife now, and chose to give his mum a more subtle nod," says a source.
"For Harry to go blaring in with the name Diana even though he knows William's feelings on the matter – especially given that all is not particularly well between the brothers – will only fuel the flames of their differences. It's clear that Harry doesn't care what William thinks anymore."
It's believed William gave Charlotte one of the middle names Diana out of respect to his father, Prince Charles. (Image: Getty Images)
The princes' falling out comes amid the historic decision to split their two households. William and Kate now stand alone at Kensington Palace, while Harry and Meghan have merged their operations at Buckingham Palace.
"William just couldn't stomach working with Meghan and Harry any longer. He feels Meghan was ignoring everything he says," a source tells.
"If they name the baby Diana, this is just another incident of Meghan refusing to fall in line."
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Betfair recently revealed that the odds on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex having a baby girl have been slashed from 10/11 to 1/2.
"Following a significant bet this afternoon we've slashed the odds of the royal baby being a girl from 10/11 to 1/2 , with a boy now out to 6/4," said Betfair Spokesperson Katie Baylis.
"This bet is one of the biggest we've seen on the royal baby markets this year so could be a big clue that we will have a new Princess in the coming weeks."

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