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Meghan Markle's shoes are surprisingly affordable, here's where you can buy them

Get wheels fit for a Duchess without a royal budget.

By Jess Pullar
When we imagine Duchess Meghan's wardrobe, we can't help but think it resembles something of a fairy tale.
Rows and rows of colour coordinated gowns, shirts, jackets and jeans beside drawers of the finest jewels and soft plush scarves are nothing less than enviable.
But like the Carrie Bradshaw in us all, there's one thing that we'd covet above anything else: The shoes.
And while there's no doubt Meghan has enough pairs of Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks and Stuart Weitzmans to style an entire fashion show, a couple of the Duchesses' personal favourite styles are not necessarily out of reach for us regular folk.
The stylish Duchess is one of the most influential people in fashion at the moment. (Image: Getty)
In fact, two particular styles worn by Meghan during her recent tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga are surprisingly affordable, and comfortable to boot!
First up are the Veja white sneakers the Duchess donned while attending some of Invictus Games events in Sydney Harbour.
Not least because they were quite the departure from her usual high-heels, the casual shoes caught the attention of many who flocked to view them online.
And they certainly liked what they found.
Meghan's white Veja sneakers caused a frenzy on the online shopping website. (Image: Getty)
The sneakers cost $AUD195 from online shopping website The Iconic, which isn't so bad when you consider that the Duchesses ensembles usually average at least four figures.
This was the united belief: Sales on the website increased by a whopping 800% within 48 hours of the Duchess wearing the style.
Surprisingly, unlike many styles the Duchess wears, these puppies are still available online.
Meghan's white Veja sneakers cost significantly less than what her usual royal budget allows. (Image: The Iconic)
Furthermore, the Duchesses beloved Rothy's, simple black flats, also made a big impression during her royal tour.
The 37-year-old swapped her heels for the ballet-style shoes when she visited South Melbourne Beach - a smart choice given the sandy and uneven ground.
Again, this particular style is surprisingly affordable, costing around $AUD173 for a pair.
Meghan opted for a pair of flats as she hit South Melbourne beach in October.
The shoes are light and compact - a far cry from Meghan's usual teetering high-heels! (Image: Rothy's)
What's more, the shoes have some interesting origins: They are made from recycled water bottles, so nabbing a pair means you'll be doing your thing for the environment while feeling like Duchess - a win win!
There is one small catch though - the brand doesn't yet ship outside of the United States. However, they have addressed the issue on their website saying they are likely to offer international shipping in the future.
Given the recent increased hype around the style due to Duchess Meghan, it can only be a matter of time before the company extends their offering - watch this space.
The Duchess had a quick change into her beloved Rothy's on the first day of her tour in Sydney. (Image: Getty)
The mania dubbed as the "Meghan Effect" of course doesn't end at her shoes. Homegrown ensembles worn by the Duchess during the tour caused two prominent Australian designer websites - Karen Gee and Dion Lee's - to crash.
And a certain red polka-dot dress by affordable British label & Other Stories struck up a frenzy after the Duchess wore it in Queensland when people realised the style would cost them less than $200. Needless to say, the dress was quick to sell out online.
If the affordable wardrobe choices from Meghan continues, it looks like we'll all be looking like royalty before long!
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