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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Tanya Guccione admits her lie amid the cheating scandal 'got out of control’

She finally tells the truth about THAT photo.

By Woman's Day team
In her first full interview since coming clean on the photo scandal that's changed The Block forever, Melbourne makeup artist Tanya Guccione reveals why she really took that photo, what her friends and family thought and how it affected her marriage to Vito.
You've finally come clean about taking the photo. Tell us what actually happened on the day.
It was day three on The Block and we were shooting the promo when I asked to use the bathroom inside the office.
I knew it was a private space, but they'd allowed it before.
I came out of the bathroom and right in front of me was the schedule – it was behind two glass doors, which were wide open.
I was washing my hands when Josh [Packham], who'd just used the bathroom, pointed and said, "That's the schedule!"
And so while he was on the lookout, I took the photo. I saw an opportunity for an advantage over the All-Stars and I took it.
Tanya says Josh and Luke knew about the photo first. (Nine)
So you didn't break into the office?
There was no break-in. I asked permission. And I wasn't the only one to use the bathroom that day.
Who did you show the photo to?
We told some of the other contestants before I sent it onto Luke, who passed it onto his builder who then made a WhatsApp group.
So all of the Blockheads saw it?
That photo went viral on the court. I know other teams saw it.
And the crazy thing is out of all the builders that saw it, my builder still hasn't seen it to this day.
I lit the match but that photo kept many of the houses warm.
Did you ever think you'd get caught?
Yeah, I did, but I think that's the thrill of it, isn't it?
It's funny because instantly I was like, "Oh my god, they've probably got cameras in here".
I'm a mum, a 40-year-old woman, but there's still a little bit of a rebel inside of me.
Why didn't you come clean earlier on?
I had such a strong desire to for so long, but once things became serious, we knew we couldn't come forward because we thought we'd get disqualified!
Also, once you tell a lie and you go so deep into that story, it's hard to climb back out again.

How has it affected your relationship with Vito?
Vito really struggled with it. He's never been one to lie or cheat, he was the one that said, "Delete that straight away, you idiots, we've got kids."
And I think that's why he was so anxious... I felt bad about that. But it's made us stronger.
What's it been like watching it on TV?
I was watching myself, yelling, "Shut up, you idiot", and in hindsight I should have told the truth, but at the end of the day, I'm just a normal person who made a mistake on national television.
No one is more ashamed and embarrassed than me.
Tanya admits the scandal made Vito "so anxious". (Nine)
What do your family and friends think?
Our family watched and took it all with a grain of salt.
They said, "Everyone makes mistakes, and a lot of people in your position would have done the same thing!"
How do you feel about Josh and Luke coming forward on the last episode?
It was disappointing because I was keeping this story going as we'd promised each other.
I got hoodwinked but I don't blame them at all. I just wish they would have told me so I could have had the same opportunity.
How are you with the rest of the Blockheads now?
Most of those relationships have been mended. I've apologised to a few of them over the phone.
What do you say to the fans who say you don't deserve to walk away with any profit?
We've worked just as hard as everyone else. Yes, I cheated, but we worked day and night to create that home in 12 weeks.
I hope that people can understand that I'm human, I made a mistake.
Would you do things differently if you were given the opportunity?
Of course, I wouldn't have made such silly decisions, I'd play the game fairly and I definitely would have come clean earlier on.

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