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The Block EXCLUSIVE: Foreman Dan dishes on what relationships are REALLY like after the competition is over

The experienced tradesman and reality TV contestant knows a thing or two about what happens during AND after the series wraps up filming.

By Holly Royce
Foreman Dan's (then known as just 'contestant' Dan) first appearance on The Block was all the way back in 2012, when he and girlfriend (now fiance) Dani Wales competed in the fifth season of the show, and back then their renovation and building skills were almost non-existent, mind you - the pair still managed to come in a very comfortable second place.
Add in competing on The Block: All Stars, becoming a Certified Master Builder, running successful constriction business, Red Door Project AND a permanent role on the show as a site foreman (or ForeDan as he's known), Dan is unquestionably one experienced insider.
Who better to dish the dirt on what life is really like after The Block camera's stop rolling?
Dan became a Certified Master Builder after competing on The Block

Working on The Block puts a strain on your relationship

Dani and Dan may be planning to walk down the aisle after 8+ years and competing on two series of The Block together, but that doesn't make the hectic filming schedule any easier to handle for this construction power couple.
"Dani doesn't love it when I'm on The Block because we hardly see each other," Dan exclusively reveals to Now to Love.
"The only day I get off when we're filming is Sunday, and every other day I'm at work by six in the morning and not back until nine at night."
"Dani and I don't have kids, but there have been couples on the show who have said it's harder than having a kid. That's with the sleep deprivation, waking up and dealing with all the different people and then having cameras in your face – it's a high-pressure cooker situation."
"It's really hard for those three months."
"Dani and I don't have kids, but there have been couples on the show who have said it's harder than having a kid," Dan reveals.

They still keep in touch with the other contestants

How do they make it through?
"We try to take a holiday every year just before The Block starts," Dan explains.
"This year we went to Fiji with [former The Block contestant] Duncan, one of the 'Two Fat Tradies', and stayed in his villa in Fiji, which was awesome."
And Duncan isn't the only one Dan and Dani still see.
"We still try and keep in contact with most of the other contestants," The Foreman says.
"We see Dale a fair bit actually, and Bec and George, who weren't on our series, but we've become quite close to them. Then there's Josh and Jenna we see a fair bit, and Duncan."
"Most other contestants, when you see them at a function, it's like you're all best friends and you see them every week- even if you don't."
"You've all had this crazy experience from one series to another, so you all have the connection or bond I guess."
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