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Leaked footage of The Bachelorette's Timm Hanly unleashing might have just spoiled the entire finale

He's not happy...

By Jess Pullar
He might be known as the lovable larrikin, but new leaked footage has shown another side to The Bachelorette finalist Timm Haly... and it might have just spoiled the entire show.
Tonight, Angie Kent is set to decide on her winning bachelor, and the choice is between Timm and nice-guy Carlin Sterritt.
And while Carlin has certainly been a favourite for the entire season, the new footage has given fans an entirely new reason to suspect he takes it out.
In footage originally published by the Daily Mail, 27-year-old Timm is seen during a private viewing party in Melbourne lying on a couch and shouting some, er... obscenities.
Reportedly taken last month, Timm is noticeably annoyed while watching a romantic scene in the show featuring himself and Angie.
But it's what he says that could reveal all: "Turn it off, I don't want to see that s**t," he declares.
Watch the video in full in the player at the top.
Timm is visibly upset in the clip. (Network Ten)
Timm is later seen in footage pulling the finger at his friend, clearly still experiencing, um, heightened feelings about the show.
The surprising footage has led many to believe that Timm might not be the winner in the end given his strong reaction.
That being said, there's still no firm confirmation, so the jury's still out until later tonight.
But wait, another clue! Watch the moment Angie might have subtly revealed who wins in the player below. Story continues after video...
The leaked footage isn't the only theory that has people convinced they know who the winner is.
In fact, Angie's reaction in the second last episode, where she chose between Ryan Anderson, Carlin Sterritt and Timm Hanly, could also have been a dead giveaway as to who wins.
Predictably, Angie gave Carlin the first rose - a sure sign she's keen as beans on him.
But upon picking between Timm and Ryan, Angie was visibly confused.
"I don't know! I don't know. I felt I could pick, but I don't know if I can," she told a producer.
Angie's really put the boys through their paces. (Network Ten)
When you compare how confident Angie was when choosing Carlin first, compared to the wave of confusion and emotion that came from picking between Timm and Ryan, our answer seems clear - surely Carlin is firmly at the top of her list.
Yep, we know this is investigation at a peak, you can thank us later... or we'll just wait to say "I told you so" tonight.

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