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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Nicole reveals the surprising advantage of being dumped via Zoom

It might have looked uncomfortable on-screen, but there was one silver lining.

By Jess Pullar
She was the Triple Threat Rose winner (the first ever, might we add), a quick frontrunner from day dot, and a formidable presence on The Bachelor, to say the least.
But Nicole Campbell has proved to be the first kinda shock elimination from the 2020 season after she was sent packing... up her laptop after failing to receive a rose from Locky Gilbert in episode nine.
It might have come as a surprise to some, given she was a quick season standout after dancing into Locky's arms and indulging in no less than three dates with the bloke early doors.
But perhaps so much one-on-one time so early on was to her own detriment (and Locky's), because it apparently quickly established the fact that these two weren't ultimately compatible.
But all's fair in love and war for Nicole, who spoke to Now To Love shortly following her elimination episode on Thursday morning - and refreshingly, she had quite a different perspective on the whole experience.
Of course, Nicole might be remembered as one of two girls (here's to you as well, Bel) that was dumped by Locky over those awkward Zoom episodes - but interestingly, there was a surprising positive to the incident - and perhaps one that many of us could bear in mind in these strange, socially distant times.
Nicole left a big impression on Aussie audiences as an initial front runner - but it wasn't meant to be. (Network Ten)
One positive became quite clear when Nicole made an Instagram announcement the day after her elimination episode aired revealing she's found a new love.
"2020 has been a pretty wild ride, but got a whole lot brighter when this hunk walked in," she wrote.
In the pics, Nicole is seen with her new beau, Luke Brotherton, and the pair couldn't look happier.
So with her happily ever after in mind, we spoke about the wild Bachie ride with the infectiously bright Nicole, who had some pretty interesting revelations about the show for us.
Nicole shared a sweet Insta tribute with her new boyfriend the day after being eliminated. (Instagram)
Now To Love: Ah, Nicole. How are you doing after last night's ep?
Nicole: It's a pretty weird feeling, but a relief to be out in the open and to actually be able to talk about it all now!
Was it super weird to find out you weren't receiving a rose over Zoom?
It was actually really interesting - we had no idea what to expect because no one has ever been in a situation where they had to do a TV show over Zoom.
But it was also difficult - like when you're on video calls, it's just not the same as being in person. You can't read people as easily.
In the mansion you have the cocktail parties, but over Zoom, you can't have chats like that. It was had to get that one-on-one time with Locky.
Was it hard to have started building a connection with Locky, only to have it end so suddenly in lockdown?
Well, it was a weird situation, especially for him - he had 10 girls to try and keep happy even though he couldn't see them.
Obviously he would have built those connections in the outside world away, and he obviously he connected with certain people, but I was kind of fizzled out.
But I get that - I was like, 'Well he's not putting in any effort and he has to try keep ten girls happy,' and at the time it kind of sucked but looking back on it it was kind of a blessing.
If we'd still been in the mansion [when things fizzled out] I could have ended up being hurt.
Nicole was left without a rose in the second virtual rose ceremony. (Network Ten)
What was it like getting the Triple Threat Rose? I'm guessing there was quite a lot of envy from the girls?
Well, at the time every girl wanted it - but everyone was actually super supportive. There was never a moment like I felt bad and everyone super nice to my face about it at least.
Did you feel any extra pressure being singled out as a frontrunner so early?
It's weird enough going on a reality TV show. There definitely was pressure.
It was almost like 'What do I do, all the girls wanted [the Triple Threat Rose]!'
There were so many emotions chucked in at once. It was overwhelming, but I went on the show to get to know someone, so to have that guaranteed time so early on, I got pretty lucky.
"There definitely was pressure." (Network Ten)
Was there anything interesting you saw during filming that didn't go to air?
To be honest, there wasn't anything that I saw, but I've been surprised by how much drama there was watching it back.
Even when we were filming, I didn't realise how much drama there was. I just kind of thought they'd focus more on Locky's connections.
Are you still speaking to any of the gals from the show?
Yeah, I still speak to Bel, Bella, Laura and Clare - they get it. They understand the experience I've been through.
Nicole still chats to some of the women from the mansion to this day. (Instagram)
Knowing and seeing what you saw, who're you backing to win?
Well obviously Irena and Bella have such a strong connection with Locky, and I also think the intruder [Bec] - she just seems like she's Locky's perfect type.
What's next for you now Nicole? You're a pro dancer, is more of that on the cards?
It's quite sad because the [dance] industry is so quiet at the moment, there's just no work at all. But I've just started a new job in childcare which is amazing.
I'm pretty content with everything happening right now - and I'm lucky to even have a job I this whole COVID situation. Hopefully I'll get back into dancing soon as well.
We really hope you can! And one final question - would you ever do reality TV again?
Nooooo. I'm done with reality TV. It's a pretty crazy situation to put yourself through - it's emotionally draining. Once is enough!

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