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The best reactions to Laura Byrne's no-nonsense attitude on the Bachelor All Stars episode

''Laura, can you screen the next person I date please?''

By Alex Lilly
Bachelor fans across Australia couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces when two of the reality show's success stories visited the mansion on Wednesday night.
Season three's winning couple Sam and Snezana Wood made an appearance, as did season five's couple Matty 'J' Johnson and Laura Byrne.
But it was Laura's brutal honesty that had everyone cheering, when she chatted to the final seven contestants and completely cut through the BS.
Laura, who was eight months pregnant with her newborn daughter Marlie-Mae when the segment was filmed, joined Snez to chat to the final seven girls and gauge who should join them, their partners and Matt for dinner.
While Snez, who was also pregnant with daughter Charlie Lane, played good cop and smiled warmly as she chatted with the ladies, Laura's lack of poker face garnered some great reactions on social media, with fans of the show praising her for telling it like it is with just a look.
"Oh my goodness Laura has all of the wisdom. I like this woman and am now regretting missing her season," one person tweeted.
"Laura is onto EVERYONE! Laura can you screen the next person I date please #TheBachelorAU," wrote another.
Yep, we'll sign up for that too!
Laura even poked fun at herself via her Instagram stories, filming her and Matty's scenes from the comfort of their living room.
"Here we are giving our unqualified advice," she captioned a clip of the four All Stars chatting to Matt. "Watch out ladies, babies are catching."
The Bachelor winner even captioned a video of herself and Snez having a one-on-one with Abbie: "My face....Please..tell me more fluff," accompanied by the crying with laughter emojis.
She even said she looked "like a bloated whale", to which Matty in the background can be heard replying, "As if you do!"
We're with Matty on this one. If only pregnancy looked this good for all of us!
Tell us what you really think Laura. (Image: Instagram @ladyandacat)
She may have shown a no-nonsense approach, but being back in the mansion was a "bizarre" experience for Laura.
"I could really empathise with the girls and how they are feeling at this point," the jewellery designer and mum-of-one told TV WEEK.
"It can be very emotionally challenging. But, it is also really exciting. I feel so grateful that I met Matt and we now have our little family, it's crazy to think we met in the Bach mansion and maybe Matt Agnew will also meet the person he's going to spend the rest of his life with. It's pretty magic."
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