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Married at First Sight: Cam busted creeping on hot models’ posts!

He's been busted double-tapping a handful of sexy Instagram models!

By NW team
Both Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson have made no secret of the fact that when it comes to initial attraction, they're not quite each other's usual type.
Which is possibly why Cam, 34, has been looking elsewhere!
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Yep, although his marriage to Jules, 36, more than blossomed while filming, the retired cricketer has since been busted double-tapping a handful of sexy Instagram models.
"Things were going so perfectly and this threw everything off course," says an insider.
Indeed, NW understands that the drama peaked between the pair in January when it's believed Jules noticed her husband's online activity, with Cameron storming out of a Sydney hotel room they were sharing. "They've struggled to hide the strain since."
Among the ladies Cam had been keeping a watchful eye on is The Only Way Is Essex babe Nicole Bass, model Charly Jordan and many other bikini babes. Oh no!
Jules noticed her husband's online activity... (Source: Instagram)
According to *Woman's Day", tensions have not only arisen between Jules and Cam - but between the older and younger brides!
In fact, Woman's Day revealed that at the centre of an explosive divide is a bitter feud between Jules, 36, and 27-year-old model Jessika Power.
"They always kept their distance when they had to film as a group," reveals a spy.
"They have nothing in common."
There seems to be tension between Jules and Jessika over Cam! (Source: Channel 9)
Amid the claims of their feud, Jess made the shock declaration to Woman's Day that Jules' husband Cam is more attracted to someone like her, and suggests this is why Jules doesn't like her.
"I heard Cam's description of the bride he wanted was blonde, sporty and good-looking," says Married At First Sight bride Jess.
"Maybe that played on Jules' mind when I was there."
Jess, who's married to Queensland farmer Mick Gould, also recently left a flirty comment on Cam's Instagram.
"Looking handsome Cam," she wrote, along with several love-heart emojis.
Sprung! Jess' comment on Cam's photo would no doubt be a worry for Jules. (Images: Instagram, Channel Nine)
Everything on the surface looks hunky-dory for Cam and Jules as the pair were spotted engagement ring shopping!
The pair were recently spotted at a Wallace Bishop jewellery store in Noosa, where they were allegedly buying an engagement ring.
"They inspected several rings before being taken out the back to try them on," one onlooker told Woman's Day.
Jules previously gushed to Woman's Day about her new husband and how not wanting to have kids would have been a deal-breaker for her.
"I got so lucky – we came in with a similar mindset, we were baring our hearts and souls," Jules tells Woman's Day.
"Our vows and speeches were so similar, I even said to the experts, 'Thank you!' I know he was hand-picked but I feel like he was handmade for me."
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