Hilary Duff slammed for kissing her four-year-old son on the lips

Seriously, when will this mum-shaming end?

By Ellie McDonald
After taking a happy snap with her son Luca at Disneyland, actress Hilary Duff has become the latest celebrity parent to be mum-shamed on social media.
Posing for a photograph with Luca, kissing her son as the pair stood in front of the amusement park’s It’s A Small World attraction, she captioned the picture: “Happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest place on earth! We love you@disneyland.”

The post has had more than 263,000 likes and 3,600 comments, with some critics saying “psychologically, this type of behaviour confuses the child” and “this is so weird”.
Another said that “this kiss appears very deep and that tends to often times be seen more so between two adults, than between a parent and a child.”
Others stood up for the Younger actress, saying this is a loving gesture and it’s “beautiful, innocent, precious and pure”.
The 29-year-old mum-of-one was quick to defend her loved-up picture, replying to her online shamers: “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four-year-old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick Unfollow with your warped minds and judgement.”
And Mother & Baby magazine editor Erin Mayo wholeheartedly agrees.
“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving your four-year-old a kiss on the lips,” she says.
“Most mums do it to their pre-schooler. It’s a lovely photo that captures the innocent bond between mum and son.”
We stand by you, Hilary. We stand by you.

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