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‘Crap Housewife’ Jessica Rowe talks parenting blunders

The Studio 10 presenter tells us about her recent stuff-ups.

By TV Week team
On Instagram and her own website craphousewife.com, Studio 10 co-host and Solar D sunscreen ambassador Jessica Rowe holds nothing back when sharing her parenting skills. Her frank honesty and helpful tips are loved by fans and she's not afraid to let you know she makes mistakes all the time.
So, as parents prepare for another school year, the 47-year-old shares her tips for managing the madness.

You're very proud to call yourself a #CrapHousewife – which is all about embracing life's everyday mishaps. What was your most recent blunder?
Life is full of blunders, and that's what makes it so fabulous. That's my excuse, anyway! My most recent stuff-up was when I lost my phone for the whole day. I looked everywhere for it. My daughter found it – I'd left it in the fridge! Thankfully, it still worked.
Do you have any tricks for getting your daughters [Allegra, 10, and Giselle, eight] to eat their vegetables?
It's often a struggle to get your children to eat the healthy stuff. I've learnt not to fixate on it and, most of the time, they'll eat the fruit and vegetables. Most nights I put together what I call a "tasting plate" of cut-up carrot, cherry tomatoes, avocado and cucumber, and they'll pick at that. It was something my mum did when I was growing up.

Is it difficult to juggle work with the daily school run?
Like all parents, I do find the juggling act hard. Some days, everything goes to plan; other days, it falls apart for no apparent reason. Just the other day, Pete [Overton, Jessica's newsreader husband] rang me at work to ask where the girls' schoolbags were. I realised they were still in the boot of my car! I'd forgotten to get them out the day before.
After finishing work for the week, how do you relax?
On Fridays, it's takeaway pizza and movie night.

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