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Monkey born is dead ringer for Harry Potter’s arch nemesis Lord Voldemort

The resemblance is creepily uncanny.

Workers at a UK zoo were recently left astonished when a baby monkey was born with a conspicuous resemblance to Harry Potter’s arch enemy Lord Voldemort.

The newborn king colobus monkey, who was delivered via C-section at Paignton Zoo in Devon, bares the same dark eyes, porcelain face and general creepiness to the fictional Dark Lord.

The Mirror reports that the monkey’s mum, Ivy, was having trouble laboring naturally so staff had to perform the surgical delivery and it was the first time the zoo had to carry out the procedure on a primate.

Ghislaine Sayers, head of veterinary services at Paignton Zoo, told the Plymouth Hearld: “We have only done three C-sections here in the last 16 years. Jo, our surgeon on this occasion, has performed them on dogs, cats, cows and sheep before – but never a primate. It’s not so common in zoos – most zoo animals manage to give birth by themselves. Introducing a new life into the world is always special.”

Both mum and bub are healthy and are said to be getting around the clock care from hospital staff.

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