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Aussie politicians react to Australia voting ‘Yes’ for marriage equality

Some of these reactions won't surprise you in the slightest.
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Earlier today, we found out Australians voted resoundingly in favour of same-sex marriage.

Over 79.5 per cent of eligible voters returned their papers and every single state and territory recorded a yes.

Now it’s up to the government to action this vote.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised same-sex marriage will be legalised ‘before Christmas’.

But what were the general reactions from other politicians? From tears to despair, here’s how they took the news:

Malcolm Turnbull

Penny Wong (our favourite reaction of the day!)

Bill Shorten


No campaigners were far from stoked but will respect the public vote…

Corey Bernardi appeared to be struggling with the concept of the vote’s result?

Do ex-pollies count?

John Howard says religious freedoms and ‘parental rights’ should be protected.

Scott Ludlam apologised to the LGBTQI community

And Tony Abbott congratulated the ‘Yes campaign’ then paradoxically, the people who voted ‘No’.

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