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Anthony Albanese was seriously handsome when he was younger and we're not afraid to admit it!

The man who could become our next Opposition Leader was a total hottie back in the day.

By Rebecca Sullivan
As the dust starts to settle on Saturday's shock federal election result, Labor's senior politicians are starting to put their hands up to replace Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as ALP leader.
Shorten resigned following his defeat, so now the hunt is on to find someone to replace him.
Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen and Queensland MP and finance spokesman Jim Chalmer had indicated they intend to throw their hats into the ring, as does Anthony Albanese.
Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek was a popular choice for the top job, but says she will not put her name forward so she can focus on her three children.
"Now is not my time. At this point, I cannot reconcile the important responsibilities I have to my family with the additional responsibilities of the Labor leadership," Plibersek said.
So at this point, it seems as though Albanese could be the hot favourite for Labor leader.
And while we wait for all that political drama to unfold and for a political to incorrectly predict the result, let's take a look back at simpler times when we didn't know that climate chance would destroy the world and Anthony Albanese still had a full head of hair.
He's now 56 years old, but young #HolAlbo could seriously get it. (Image: Getty)
This gorgeous photo of a handsome young Albanese pictured in 1985 has become so iconic, it's even spawned its own hashtag - #YoungAlbo.
The young politico is sporting an earring, as well as a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase "International Youth Year '85".
He's actually kind of cute. (Image: Facebook)
Albanese is here pictured at university. (Image: Twitter)
On Sunday, Albanese launched his pitch for the job a Labor leader.
"I believe I'm the best person to lead Labor back into government," Mr Albanese said.
"We've lost three elections in a row. That has an impact on those Australians who rely upon us to improve their education, to look after their health care, to build public transport infrastructure."
WATCH BELOW: Chloe Shorten interviews Bill Shorten. Story continues after video.
His Labor colleagues will soon vote about who they believe is the best person to replace Bill Shorten.
Out of the three major candidates, Albanese has the best resume.
He acted as deputy prime minister when Kevin Rudd was in power in 2013 and has served in the shadow ministry for several years.
When asked about what he would bring to the table, the 56-year-old left-wing advocate said his honesty was his great strength.
"What you see is what you get with me, for better or worse," Albanese said.
"I am a bit rough at the edges, but I think that Australians don't want someone who just utters talking points."