The bride wore the pants! Celebrities who shunned the big white dress on their wedding day

They wear the pants in work and at home, so why not while they walk down the aisle?!

By Rebecca Sullivan
For many modern brides, the traditional, big white wedding is starting to feel a little cliché.
So women are starting to do things a little differently when they walk down the aisle these days, often choosing to forgo the poofy gown in favour of a sleek, feminine jumpsuit.
It makes total sense when you think about it. They wear the pants - both figuratively and literally - in their work and personal lives most of the time, so why not also wear them on the most important day of their lives?
Sometimes, they might choose to wear a traditional dress for the ceremony, but then choose to slip into a slinkier number for the reception later on.
We absolutely love this trend, though the only downside of a jumpsuit is trying to go to the bathroom after drinking all that Champagne!
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So if you're a bride-to-be looking for some left-of-field inspo, or if you just want to ogle a bunch of gorgeous outfits, keep scrolling to see photos of these gorgeous celebrity brides who chose to wear the pants on their wedding day.