Father transforms son’s wheelchair into the most EPIC Halloween costume

Thanks to one very special dad, this boy just won Halloween in his neighbourhood.
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This Halloween, for just one night, Tommy Hardy won’t be a boy in a wheelchair; he will be a boy flying on a dragon. And not just any dragon, a world-famous dragon from his favourite television show, Game Of Thrones.

Every year for Halloween, Tommy’s Dad, Tom Hardy, transforms his son’s wheelchair in the most incredible fashion.

Last year, Tommy’s chair evolved into an X-wing fighter from Stars Wars, the year before he was the Red Baron from The Peanuts Movie.

Last Halloween Tommy zipped around in an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars, while his mum was a Stormtrooper and his dad was Chewbacca.

This year, Boston 25 News reports, the boy from Massachusetts will trick-or-treat on a white walker dragon, with wings that flap and eyes that glow. The only feature missing is that the dragon won’t be breathing fire, but Mr Hardy is looking into hooking up a smoke machine for effect.

With the help of a neighbour, Tommy’s dad created the elaborate costume in 50 hours.

Tommy has cerebral palsy and autism. His dad, with the help of neighbour Gary Sewell, have poured 50 hours of hard work into making the elaborate Halloween costume, just so Tommy can have the coolest costume on the block.

“When he’s in the neighbourhood he loves that all eyes are on him and all the kids are smiling, like, ‘That’s awesome!’ giving him high fives. It’s great for him. I think he loves the positive attention, not the attention of a child in a wheelchair,” Mr Hardy told Boston 25 News.

Tommy’s dad may not realise it, but he has some friendly competition in the costume department.

Last Halloween we heard about another super dad, Ryan Scott Miller, transforming his son, Jeremey Miller’s, wheelchair into spectacular costumes.

Jeremy has been trick-or-treating in an snowspeeder from Star Wars, and zoomed from house to house in the Ghostbusters car. The Miller family announced on their Youtube channel ahead of Jeremy’s wheelchair costume reveal, that for Halloween 2017, Jeremy will be zipping around in a 1960s-inspire Batmobile.

We’re sure Jeremy’s treat haul is as impressive as his dad’s handiwork!

Jermey’s dad recreated the battle of Hoth from the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back film with this snowspeeder.

Jeremy all revved up to to go trick-or-treating in his Ghostbusters wheels.

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