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The best cuts of meat for slow cooking

Chicken, pork, beef, veal and lamb.

You've taken your slow cooker out of the kitchen cupboard it hides in for a good portion of the year and have started sorting through your favourite slow cooker recipes. Slow cooking is not only a flavoursome way to cook, it's also budget-friendly as tougher (and therefore cheaper) cuts of meat are ideal for slow cooking, with meat becoming juicy and tender over the long cooking time.
But which are the best cuts of meat to use when creating your hearty, one-pot wonders? Which cuts of meat tenderise to perfection? We have the answer...

Beef in the slow cooker

Slow cooking is perfect for cuts of beef that tend to get tough when grilled. This includes topside, oyster, blade, skirt, round and chuck steaks. This slow cooker beef, mushroom and red wine stew makes the most of gravy beef.

Veal in the slow cooker

Meat attached to the bone is excellent for slow cooking, like the osso bucco used in this slow-cooker veal with balsamic sage sauce recipe. Veal shanks and shoulder are also good.

Lamb in the slow cooker

Again, on the bone is the way to go. Lamb shanks are excellent in a slow cooker. As are neck chops, boneless shoulder, shanks, and boneless forequarter.

Pork in the slow cooker

Look for pickled pork, forequarter chops, neck, diced shoulder, and pork belly.

Chicken in the slow cooker

Any pieces of chicken will do, but those on the bone work best - like wings, drumsticks, or marylands (such as those used in this slow-cooker chicken, porcini, and barley soup).

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