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The Duchess Diet: How Kate Middleton maintains her stunning figure

The royal mama is healthy, strong and living her best life - bravo!

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With three pregnancies done and dusted, the Duchess of Cambridge knows a thing or two about feeling fabulous after baby. Her secret? Leading a happy, healthy life.
Having given birth to Louis a little more than three months ago, fans praised the Duchess, 36, who was in tip-top condition during her pregnancy, too.
"Didn't she just have a baby? Wow!" shared one royal follower. "Kate looks fantastic," said another.
The Duchess looked phenomenal just three months after Louis' birth.
In the past, Kate's been said to have followed the vegetable and protein-rich Dukan Diet to maintain her fit physique. And her mum Carole, 63, is also a fan of the eating program.
But with three little ones to run after, the Duchess is eating more frequently after baby number three. "Kate's focused on having everything in moderation and eating smaller meals several times a day," an insider shares.
Kate eats smaller meals, several times a day.
Similar to her time on the Dukan Diet, Kate still focuses on incorporating plenty of lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and whole wheat bread into her regimen.
However, after three gruelling pregnancies, the much-loved royal makes sure to keep up her energy levels and takes a balanced approach to eating – so indulging in dessert every now and then is definitely allowed.
"It's important to Kate that her routine be one that's easy to maintain," adds the insider. "She'd never be able to take care of three kids if she were starving and exhausted!"
The mum-of-three is busy chasing after her young Princes and Princess.
And it's not just Kate's nutritious, hearty diet that has helped her maintain her sporty figure. The mum-of-three has always been active, having played both tennis and field hockey during her school days. And things haven't changed now that she's in her mid-30s, with Kate choosing activities like hiking and swimming to incorporate into her post-baby workout schedule.
With a fully equipped private gym in the basement of their Kensington Palace apartment, Kate has all of the necessary tools at her disposal to keep her mind and body strong and fit for her family and royal duties.
However, the Duchess does prefer to head outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. "Kate's not into trendy workouts, and usually goes for a quick jog around the Kensington Palace grounds with Prince Louis in his stroller," the insider reveals.
"Kate's also a fan of planks, which are great for a strong core and slim waistline, so she'll do a set of those."

What's on Kate's day on a plate?

Dine like a duchess with this delicious and doable meal plan!
BREAKFAST: Blueberry smoothie (spirulina, kale, spinach, cos lettuce, coriander and blueberries)
LUNCH: Chicken kebabs served with tzatziki
DINNER: Vegetable curry with rice
SNACKS: Carrot sticks with low-fat cheese or yoghurt
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