Famous faces from the original Blue Murder series

Wish you had a yearbook filled with photos of your favourite Australian male actors? There’s no need – they’re all in Blue Murder.
Richard Roxburgh Blue Murder

From a hairy Gary Sweet to a young Alex Dimitriades and even Ray Martin, Blue Murder featured the who’s who of the local film and television industry.

There’s no denying Richard Roxburgh captured the physical and mental essence of Roger. Charming, ruthless, and relentless, Richard did such a good job that it was often difficult to distinguish between the two. But it’s not just Richard’s performance that makes this show a must-see. The ensemble cast is equally as outstanding.

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Tony Martin

Tony played Neddy Smith with such accuracy that if you look closely at Neddy’s background scenes, he’s hands are always shaking. Tony did this to ensure Ned’s real-life Parkinson’s diagnosis was accurately depicted.

Tony Martin as Neddy Smith (centre).

Alex Dimitriades

From Heartbreak High to Blue Murder, a baby-faced 21-year-old Alex played the ill-fated role of Warren Lanfranchi. He later went on to score roles in Neighbours, Underbelly and Secret City.

A young Alex Dimitriades.

Steve Bastoni

After playing one of the only good guys in all of Blue Murder, Michael Drury, Steve later found success in Neighbours, Sea Patrol, Underbelly, Upper Middle Bogan and The Wrong Girl.

Steve Bastoni as Michael Drury.

Marcus Graham

From Aussie drug dealer Alan Williams to the bright lights of Hollywood, Marcus scored parts in a number of Tinseltown hits after Blue Murder including Charmed and Mulholland Drive.

Marcus Graham.

Gary Sweet

What a role, what a wig. As Christopher Dale Flannery, Gary’s fiery temper was unlike anything you’d see on House Husbands… and so was his full head of hair.

Gary Sweet as Christopher Dale Flannery (left).

Remember a whole other cast of familiar faces? Blue Murder also featured performances by Peter Phelps, John Jarratt, Richard Carter and Bill Hunter.

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