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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS Sam Ball’s alleged girlfriend Akila Ahmunett revealed to be 60 Minutes subject Nadia Tabbaa

Nadia Tabbaa was the centre of a 60 Minutes defamation case.
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Married At First Sight’s Sam Ball’s alleged girlfriend, Akila Ahmunett, has been revealed to be 60 Minutes interview subject Nadia Tabbaa.

Tabbaa claimed on the Channel Nine program, broadcast in 2014, that her parents Mouhammad and Pamela Tabbaa allowed her to be kidnapped in 2002 when she was 13-years-old.

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Since the program aired, Nadia has undergone surgery to drastically alter her looks to the point where she is now almost unrecognisable.

In a Woman’s Day exclusive, it has been revealed that Sam has had to take out an Apprehended Violence Order against Nadia, after he feared for his safety on multiple occasions.

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A police statement revealed that “she was charged with stalk/intimidate/intend/fear/physical etc. harm, use carriage service to menace/harass/offend, and enter prescribed premises of any person without lawful excuse.”

In the 60 Minutes program, Tabbaa claimed that her parents had tricked her into going overseas and held her against her will in Syria by her father’s relatives where she was forced to marry a cousin 15 years her senior.

She escaped on her 18th birthday with the assistance of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Sam Ball and Akila Ahmunett a.k.a Nadia Tabbaa. (Source: Facebook)

In 2018, Mouhammad and Pamela Tabbaa lost a major defamation action against the Nine Network over the program after the Supreme Court jury found that the allegations made in the program, titled “”Forced Marriage: An Extraordinary Story of Kidnap, Survival, Escape and Hiding,” were true.

Nadia testified that she was regularly beaten with a belt and a kettle cord by her older brother Omar who controlled her whereabouts and who she was in contact with at all times.

Sam ball on the set of Married at First Sight. (Source: Channel 9)

It was also found by the jury, that Nadia’s father had been violent towards his own wife Pamela who had fled from Jordan with her five children.

It was also found that Mrs Tabbaa assisted in the abduction of her daughter.

Nadia now runs Akila Laser and Beauty in Darlinghurst and has been granted conditional bail to appear at Newton Local Court on Monday 4 March 2019, awaiting conviction.

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