This couple has created an awkward Christmas card every year for 15 years

And the results just perfect.

By Holly Royce

For 15 years, Mike and Laura Bergeron have been dressing up in crazy outfits in hilarious poses for their annual Christmas cards.

And since welcoming their children, the cards have only become better.

The process has become so important to the family that they now aim to get it done every year before Thanksgiving.

"Otherwise, it is very stressful trying to bring it all together," wrote Mike on the post.

"We have a list of ideas that we add to throughout the year and we usually choose which one we want to do around October."

The story behind 2017's Christmas Card

Gingers in Paradise

"We went in a slightly different direction this year", John explains.

"Which required stepping out of the JCP Portrait Studio and using a photographer (big thanks to Marco Montenegro) at the local beach."

"This our nod to the ever-so-popular holiday card theme that says "Look at us soaking up the sun's rays in a beautiful tropical paradise while you're freezing your nuts off...don't you wish you were us?"

2017's card is named 'Ginger's in paradise.'
2017's card is named 'Ginger's in paradise.'

2016's card also has a hilarious and adorable story connected with it.

"A little over a year ago, Gigi [Mike's eldest daughter] started calling me 'Cousin Jerry.' It caught on with her little sister and, after a while, I started talking to them as I imagined Cousin Jerry would," explained Mike.

"Since then, he has become a regular visitor in our household, so it seemed fitting to share him with all of you this holiday season. If y'all are lucky, you may get to see "Creepy Larry" (another Gigi-inspired character) and his family in a future card...we'll just have to see."

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