Tough as old footy boots: Sabrina Frederick is the real hero of SAS Australia - and it's obvious why

There's more to the AFL player than meets the eye.

By Jess Pullar
She's the kick-ass, no-nonsense go-getter who's taken Australian screens by storm, but Sabrina Frederick had a whole other side to her life before she joined SAS Australia.
The standout star from the gruelling show has impressed the selection staff to no end, and its easy to see why.
She's tough as nails, ever-ready to tackle a challenge, not to mention her strength is something to be reckoned with.
But who is Sabrina Frederick? And how has she got to where she is today?
We take a look at the breakout celeb from SAS Australia.

Who is Sabrina Frederick?

Sabrina Frederick is an accomplished AFLW player, currently signed with Richmond Football Club in Melbourne.
She's as tough on the field as she is ON SAS Australia, so it's no wonder she's able to tackle some of the hardest challenges without a second thought.
But she hasn't always been an Aussie through and through. She was born in the UK, and spent her early years there before moving to Western Australia.
Sabrina is a standout star on SAS Australia. (Channel Seven)

What is Sabrina Frederick's heritage?

Sabrina Frederick is half British (on her mother's side) and Jamaican Antiguan (her father's side).
Despite moving from the UK to WA at a young age, Sabrina still says she still considers herself a Brit.
In a previous interview, she said her family kept her immersed in British culture despite moving Down Under.

How old is Sabrina Frederick?

Sabrina Frederick is 24 years old, born on November 14 1996.
Yes, you did read that correctly, at just 24 years old she's an accomplished Aussie Rules player and a force to be reckoned with on one of Australia's toughest courses (we're referencing SAS here, FYI).
If that doesn't impress you, we don't know what will.

How is Sabrina Frederick famous?

Sabrina Frederick rose to fame via her AFLW career, which started at a young age playing for a number of mixed-teams.
At age 13, she began playing for an all-female team, captaining her team on a tour of New Zealand by age 17.
In 2016, she was selected to play for Brisbane, before being drafted to Richmond in 2020 when she relocated to Melbourne.
Sabrina is just 24 years old. (Instagram)

Does Sabrina Frederick win SAS Australia?

While the show is yet to run its full course (no pun intended there), Sabrina is a shoo-in to make it to the end of the show.
Her incredible strength and bravery to date certainly suggests as much, at least.
Stay tuned, we'll be sure to find out soon.

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