Sylvia Jeffreys reveals how she gets from a 3am start to the TV WEEK Logies

'It's the time to go large!'

Being the news presenter for Today, Sylvia Jeffreys has her beauty regimen down to a fine art.
But the Queensland native knows this year's TV WEEK Logies on the Gold Coast is the chance to leave her everyday look at the news desk.
"It's the time to go large," the 32-year-old (right) tells TV WEEK.
Sleep is crucial in Sylvia's beauty routine. But her busy schedule can prevent her from getting the amount she needs.
"In lieu of sleep, a good face mask and a heavy-duty eye cream helps to get rid of puffiness and bags under the eyes," she explains.
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When Sylvia sits in the hair and make-up chair in the mornings, she focuses on reading and preparing for the show. Though she's spent many hours in hair and make-up over the years, there's one easy tip that has stood out.
"I've picked up on blow-drying my fringe forward. It helps my part to find its natural position and fall into place," she reveals.
Viewers of Today would notice Sylvia's make-up is nearly identical each day: soft eye shadow, understated lip colour and her long bob. This is partly for consistency, and partly because there's no time to experiment before filming.
Sylvia loves that the Logies is her chance to be glitzy.
"There's an extra inch of lash, and a smokier eye," she says. "The hair gets bigger and a little looser."

Sylvia's Logies hair and make-up process begins at midday. Applying a good-quality primer as a base and long-wear make-up is the key to minimising touch-ups during the event.In her clutch, there's hardly a beauty product to be seen.
"You'll probably find only my hotel pass, and my phone to take selfies with the celebrities who I've watched on television since I was a child," she enthuses.
Unlike most Logies guests, Sylvia has to be up at dawn afterwards to film Today. She has a quick shower, gets dressed and then gets straight back into the hair and make-up chair.
"At my bedside, there's just a big glass of water, a Berocca, in case of emergencies, and my alarm set for 3.20am," she explains.

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