Everything you need to know about Sam Frost's Home And Away character

Sam Frost is bringing secrets to Summer Bay.

By Tamara Cullen
When the news of The Bachelorette alum Sam Frost joining Home And Away went public last year, Sam was hit with a lot of criticism. But after standing up for her acting abilities and hard work, she vowed that she wouldn't let the negativity get to her.
Looking ahead, Sam is all about embracing life – including her role as Jasmine Delaney in H&A.
But it wasn't until she arrived at the Channel Seven studios for her first day of work that the reality of what she had achieved finally dawned.
"It's exciting, because I grew up watching Home And Away," she told TV WEEK. "I walked the halls of the studios and the walls are filled with old TV WEEK covers dating back 20 years ago.
"I remember watching those episodes as a kid, so I feel blessed to be part of the family."
However, her first day on set didn't exactly go according to plan!
"I was quite nervous," she begins. "And in one scene, my character has to anxiously walk away. But as I did, my bag strap got caught on a stool and I dragged it across the set – I was so embarrassed!"

Who is Sam Frost’s character?

The mysterious woman from the car accident that killed Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) and her unborn baby, wakes from her induced coma when Home And Away returns next week.
But newcomer Jasmine Delaney's nightmare is only just beginning. While driving to Kat's funeral, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) notices Jasmine wandering along the road.
Leah pulls over and offers her assistance. But she is surprised when the young woman yells at her to leave. Jasmine tells Leah she left the hospital voluntarily and doesn't know where to go.
"She is quite guarded and has an anxious energy," Sam, 28, tells TV WEEK. "You can tell she has a dark past and secrets she's battling."
After some coaxing, Leah takes Jasmine to The Diner. Slowly, she lets her guard down and insists she had to get away. But who is she running from? We can't wait to find out!
Jasmine appears lost until Leah finds her.

When will Sam Frost make her Summer Bay debut?

You can catch Sam on the new-season premiere on Monday January 29.

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