Neighbours recap: Amy and Leo’s near miss!

A 30-year-old secret rocked Ramsay Street this week.

By Alex McCarthy
Family ties
This week on Neighbours it was revealed that Amy’s dad, Paul Robinson, was also the biological father of twins Leo and David Tanaka. The news broke just as Leo and Amy left for a romantic weekend away together on the coast, oblivious to the fact they are half brother and sister!
Kim, the twin’s mother, and Paul rushed to the beach house in an attempt to stop anything from happening between Amy and Leo, before it was too late.
David and Aaron also made their way to beach house where Paul revealed the truth to everyone. Understandably, both Amy and Leo were devastated. Talk about awkward…
Paul Robinson is both Amy AND Leo's father.
Later, Kim attempted to apologise to her sons for lying to them for 30 years but neither of them were ready to hear her out.
Kim tries to smooth things over with her son but he is uninterested.
No turning back
Toadie’s hopes of reconciliation with Sonya were firmly shut down this week, leaving him heartbroken all over again.
In a last ditch attempt, Toadie confronted Sonya in their living room and tried to convince her to give their marriage one more chance.
Sensing his desperation, Sonya shut him down, making sure he knew that it was over for good. Well Toadie, if you do the crime you’ve got to do the time. Fake Dee has a lot to answer for!
Sonya is finished with her marriage to Toadie.
So long, farewell
Meanwhile, a family said goodbye to Ramsay Street this week. Brad and Lauren bid their neighbours farewell and left for their new home on the Gold Coast.
The couple weren’t sure if they could go through with the move and leave a pregnant Paige by herself. But their fears were allayed when Piper and Jack promised that they would stay by Paige’s side and help her with the baby.
It was a very emotional scene; we might have even shed a tear or two…
Brad and Lauren were ready for their next adventure in Queensland.
Everyone else shed a few tears.

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