Isabella Giovinazzo opens up about her big career move

'It's like nothing I've ever felt before!'

During her final moments in Home And Away, Phoebe Nicholson was leaving town to chase her dreams. As it happened, the actress who portrayed her, Isabella Giovinazzo, was heading down a similar path.
After exiting the drama in 2017, the 28-year-old set her sights on Hollywood. Funnily enough, however, her next big role was waiting for her on home soil.
In exciting news, Isabella has been confirmed to star in Network Ten's new series, Playing For Keeps. The drama follows five powerful women behind Aussie Rules football.
Isabella plays Jess, the wife of a respected player. Jess gave up her own football career to be a mother.
"I'm so excited – and really happy to be here [in Australia]," Isabella enthuses to TV WEEK.
"It's like nothing I've ever felt before. And starting a show from the ground up is really cool."
Isabella has scored an exciting new gig.
For the Melbourne-born star, the role comes after a four-year stint on H&A. While many actors may fear the change, Isabella is embracing her new character with gusto.
"The change of pace has been nice," she says. "Jess is very cool; she has a great storyline and a lot of drama.
"The women on the show are all very different – it's been great exploring that."

However, Home and Away is never too far from her mind.
"Jackson Gallagher [who played Josh] and I are good friends and he's in Playing For Keeps, so it's great," she says. "I keep in touch with a lot of the cast – it feels strange if I don't see them!"
Naturally, we had to ask: would she ever return to Summer Bay?
"Never say never!" she teases. "I love what I'm doing now, but Phoebe left town – she didn't die – so there's always a chance [of coming back]."

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