Home And Away’s new cop made his debut last night

Meet Summer Bay’s newest recruit!

By Tamara Cullen
Tall, handsome and confident, the new cop in town is bound to attract attention. And after making his big debut on Home And Away last night, he's done just that!
But for his portrayer, Tim Franklin, the idea of being in the spotlight isn't that easy to grasp.
After photographers snapped him at Sydney's Palm Beach, the newest Home And Away star is still processing his first taste of fame.
"It's very surreal and weird," Tim laughs. "I was on the beach training, which is such a small moment in time, and it ended up on the internet. But I suppose it comes with the territory."
The role of Colby is the biggest to date for the Brisbane-born actor. In fact, he found out he'd be playing the part on his 27th birthday.
"It was the biggest news I've ever had," he enthuses. "My agent sang 'Happy Birthday', but changed my name to Colby. When I heard it, I jumped out of my seat and screamed – it was the best gift."

Officer Colby has a turbulent past
His character is rumoured to be Jasmine's (Sam Frost) new love interest and with pap shots of him donning a Blood And Sand tattoo, we're guessing he has a River Boy past. To get into character, Tim says he draws on his personal experiences to bring out the darkness in the cop.
"Colby has come from a turbulent upbringing, which is why he became a police officer," Tim says.
"I believe that any character has to come from a reality within myself. We've both had traumas and heartache in our past – as we all have – so I try to bring as much of myself to the role."

And while he appears to exude confidence on screen, Tim is surprisingly shy about playing the authority figure.
"I was daunted to play a police officer, because I had this idea in my head of what a police officer is," he reveals. "But the uniform does half the job for you – it gives you that authority."
Ahead of his debut on the Aussie drama, Tim admits he's anxious about what's to come. "I can't say I'm ready because I don't know what to expect," he smiles. "I'll just take it as it comes."

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