Dean risks everything to protect Willow this week on Home and Away

Will he go to jail?

Unable to pay off his debt to the loan sharks, Dean accepts a dangerous mission that could see him wind up in jail – or worse.
At the same time, he calls it quits with girlfriend Willow to keep her safe. Will he lose everything?
Over recent weeks in Home And Away, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) has struggled to help Willow (Sarah Roberts) overcome her gambling addiction.
The River Boy has done everything to recover her losses, from skimming credit cards to borrowing money from the wrong people. Now, the thugs have come to collect.
"Willow and Dean are both from backgrounds where the way to acquire things is by doing it yourself – legal or not," Patrick, 25, tells TV WEEK.
"Being part of a gang, Dean has been taught to recognise an opportunity and grab it, regardless of the law."
Dean feels he has no other choice.
On the beach, Dean cautiously presents loan shark Brett (Graeme McRae) with a risky idea. With no money to hand over, the local offers to do his dirty work as payment.
Brett agrees and gives him directions for a backpack hidden in a boat. Dean has to find it and deliver the contents inside – or else.
"There's a very high chance Dean could end up in jail if things turn sour," Patrick explains.
Later that day, Dean returns home to find Willow researching credit card fraud. She wants to continue their scam, despite accidentally hurting Alf (Ray Meagher) during their break-in at Salt.
To her surprise, Dean dumps her. She needs professional help, and he can't risk Willow being part of his lawless life. The bikie babe seethes at his betrayal and breaks down in tears.
Willow is stunned when Dean tells her it's over.
"They're not good for each other, but she can't get out of the rabbit hole," Sarah says.
"As long as they're together, they'll keep losing themselves and end up in risky situations."
Later that night, Dean sneaks down to the pier and finds the backpack.
But before he can look inside, Alf catches him.
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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