Cornelia Frances' most iconic moments, from Home & Away to The Weakest Link

We take a look at her career in pictures.

By Alex Lilly
Actress Cornelia Frances tragically passed away on Monday, aged 77, after a long struggle with bladder cancer. The Aussie television icon had numerous career highlights and was well known for her roles on shows including, Home and Away, Sons and Daughters and The Young Doctors.
Cornelia Frances told A Current Affair that playing the "naughty and wicked" characters was lots of fun and "always played the strong ladies."
"I've loved every soap I've been on, it's hard not to. I've loved every one of them."
Take a look back at the six-time Logie nominee's best roles from television to movies.

The Young Doctors

Cornelia played formidable nurse Sister Grace Scott on The Young Doctors from 1976-1979.
In the late seventies, Cornelia earned her big break in Australian television when she secured the role of Sister Grace Scott in The Young Doctors.
The actress joked about her time in hospital back in January, comparing one nurse to the tough character she portrayed.
"I had only just come out of surgery, and dealing with a fractured hip, which hurt like hell, when this nurse came to my bed and said: 'Get up and walk'! I thought: This is worse than Sister Scott," she told A Current Affair.
The series was set at Sydney's fictional Albert Memorial Hospital.
The Young Doctors aired on Channel Nine between 1976 and 1983.

Prisoner: Cell Block H

Back before all the reboots, Cornelia played criminal lawyer Carmel Saunders who defended Pat O'Connell in court.
In 1980, Cornelia played the role of layer Carmel Saunders.
In the series, Carmel took on the appeal of Pat O'Connell (played by Monica Maughan).

Sons and Daughters

It was Australia's answer to 80s soaps Dynasty and Dallas and Cornelia Frances played the memorable role of Barbara Hamilton in the Aussie soap series, Sons and Daughters.
From 1982-1986, Cornelia portrayed the conniving Barbara Hamilton.
A still from a 1983 episode of the Australian soap.
Cornelia's character Barbara was a fan favourite.

The Man From Snowy River II/Return To Snowy River

And it wasn't just television for Cornelia. The actress also appeared in the Australian film sequel of The Man From Snowy River as bartender Mrs Darcy.
As Mrs Darcy in the 1988 Australian film.

Home and Away

From 1988 to 2017, Cornelia starred on Home and Away as Morag Bellingham, the evil sister of Alf Stewart. Back in January, she spoke of her desire to return to the show.
"I would dearly love to go back to Summer Bay but haven't heard anything as yet," she said.
One of her most iconic roles was Morag Bellingham on Home and Away.
Morag was the antagonistic sister of Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher).
Cornelia played the acid-tongued judge on the hit Aussie soap on and off for 29 years.
Speaking to A Current Affair this year, Cornelia said, "I always played the strong ladies."

The Weakest Link

In the early noughties, Cornelia Frances took to our screens as host of The Weakest Link.
The Australian version of the original British quiz show highlighted just how scary she could be.
Between 2000 and 2001, Cornelia was the host of quiz show, The Weakest Link.
Who can forget that catchphrase? "You are the weakest link. Goodbye."
Fancy a blast from the past? Have a look at Cornelia in action as one of the most formidable television hosts to ever grace Australian screens.