It's the Wentworth reunion we never saw coming on Neighbours!

But will Lucy “Juice” Gambaro have a speaking role?

By Laura Masia
With the final season of Wentworth scheduled for October 2021, we're itching to see what the inmates at the Wentworth Detention Centre are up to. However with months to wait before the Logie award winning series is back on our screens, we'll take whatever inch of the prison drama that we can get.
Although it's the last place you'd expect to see Wentworth's Doreen Anderson and Lucy "Juice" Gambaro ,this week on Neighbours, the two inmates are making an appearance in Erinsborough.
Thankfully, actors Sally-Anne Upton and Shareena Clanton are leaving their felon ways behind them playing Ramsay Street characters, Vera Punt and Sheila Canning.
Juicy Lucy was notoriously silenced by Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) on Wentworth, but on Neighbours, Sally-Anne plays the town whinger, Vera Punt, whose tongue is very much intact.

While the two characters couldn't be more different, Sally-Anne feels like Vera and the Juice might just see eye to eye.
"I think Vera and Juicy Lucy would get on very well," Sally-Anne tells TV WEEK.
"All though the scripts are very different there is a Aussie Larrikin in them both. You wouldn't want to share a tent with them though!"
But before Sally-Anne stepped into the role of Vera on Neighbours, she was already on set in a very different capacity.
Sally-Anne loves her role as the COVID nurse on the Neighbours set. Network 10
"I was asked to come on board as the COVID nurse, and because the cast and crew knew me as an actor and nurse, there was a trust and respect that allowed them to feel they were in safe hands. It ended up being one of the most important roles of my life," Sally-Anne reveals.
"It wasn't easy navigating the complexities of COVID but the fact that we stuck together, in doing so, we all laid the blueprint for our industry and the world to follow, which makes me very proud."
"As a big thank you, the producers wrote more storylines for Vera, which I am forever grateful."
Shareena Clanton in Wentworth.
Thankfully, due to the COVID Safety plan developed by Neighbour's producer, Natalie Lynch, both Neighbours and Wentworth were able to go ahead with filming during the pandemic.
But Sally-Anne isn't the only Wentworth resident stirring up trouble. Clanton creates some serious confusion when her character, Sheila Canning, comes to town, incidentally sharing the same name as a fellow Erinsborough resident Sheila Canning played by Colette Mann.
The two Sheila's meet! Network 10
While in town, Shareena's Sheila, who we'll be calling Sheila Two, can't help herself from doing some online shopping.
With two Sheila's in the neighbourhood, the goods have been winding up in the wrong Sheila's hands.
Sheila Two notices that the locals happen to be enjoying the items she just purchased, and it's clear that it can't be just a coincidence.
When the original Sheila meets Sheila Two, she instantly realises she's been stealing Sheila Two's mail!
How will Sheila One fix this awkward situation?

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