Home and Away

Sneaky photos from the set of Home And Away spoil a steamy romance between Mac and newcomer Logan

Hot, hot, hot!

By Maddison Hockey
Home And Away's Mackenzie has been having a VERY rough time in recent weeks.
First, she got dumped while secretly pregnant to Ari. Then, she tragically miscarried and lost the baby.
Lashing out at the world, Mac then tried to kiss her best friend Ziggy's boyfriend, Tane, resulting in her being kicked out of the house.
The trauma and heartbreak have sent her into a spin as she turns to alcohol to ease her pain.
Bad Mac! (Channel Seven)
But, in true Summer Bay style, heartbreak doesn't last long in the coastal town and new leaked pictures from the set indicate things with soon be on the up for Mac.
In the photos obtained by a Home And Away fan page, Mac is spotted kissing Logan Bennett, who is soon to be played by Harley Bonner.
Harley is already on set filming scenes. (Channel Seven)
Set to play the role of Dr. Logan Bennett on Home and Away, Harley Bonner comes as TV royalty, where he's best known for his role as Josh Willis on Neighbours.
Harley was also a guest star in House Husbands, and featured in a documentary series called Creative Kids.
He is also the son of Carla Bonner, who played Stephanie Scully, another iconic character in the soap opera Neighbours.
Harley is following in mum Carla's footsteps. (Getty)
Commenting on his upcoming arrival to the Bay, Harley said: "It's been a while since I've had the privilege of working on a program that's such a hallmark of Australian television.
I'm happy to say I picked it back up a lot faster than expected. I really love working on shows like Home And Away, I love my character and I can't wait for Australia to meet him," he said.

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