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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away star Cameron Daddo spills on his shock return to Summer Bay as an entirely different character

''I was thrilled when the idea was pitched to me.''

By Woman's Day team
Having delivered a moving performance as Ryder's long-lost dying father Evan Slater in Home And Away, Logie winner Cameron Daddo, 55, is set to make a return to the hit show in a completely different role!
He's coming back to the Bay as Owen, Evan's long-lost, estranged twin brother.
It's not often actors get to play two different parts on the same show. Was it hard to switch from Evan to Owen?
Fortunately, I had some time between playing the two characters. I was able to put Evan "to bed" and then create the backstory of Owen.
Thankfully, I never played the two at the same time... now that would have been fun!
What was going through your head when the show's team offered you this new role – did you ever expect to be back on Summer Bay?
When I began the journey of Evan, I understood there was going to be an end … after a couple of weeks, I found myself wanting them to find "a cure", or way to extend my time in the Bay.
It was such a fun and creative place to work. I was thrilled when the idea of Owen was pitched to me.
Cameron and actor Lukas Radovich, who plays his son Ryder on the show. Image: Instagram
Cameron pictured onset with his Home And Away co-stars Emily Symon, Georgie Parker, Patrick O'Connor and Sophie Dillman. Image: Instagram
This is such an iconic and longstanding Australian series, with a very loyal international fan base. Is there a pressure that comes with being part of the show?
I've always worked hard at shutting out "who is watching" when I'm working because it's true … there's too much pressure!
I have enough on my plate to tell the story the best way I know how, and yes, it's awesome the show gets worldwide attention.
What's life like on set – are the cast and crew amazing to be around when the cameras stop rolling?
Life on the Home And Away set is easy. I've worked on some pressure cookers, and believe me, that doesn't always get the best from people.
The crew and the cast are first-class around Summer Bay.
Georgie and Cameron have been friends for decades. Image: Instagram
The show obviously has an amazing ensemble cast, including your good friend Georgie Parker. What's it like working with her?
Georgie cares very much about the work. She cares about getting the story right – that's why she's been working for the length of time she has.
It also doesn't hurt to have a wicked sense of humour and she buys the odd coffee for me – I take the evens. We balance things nicely!
What do your three kids make of your career? Do you expect they'll pursue acting and be seen on the small screen?
It remains to be seen whether any of my kids venture in front of the lights and cameras.
They've seen me traverse the last 20-odd years and that can't have been an easy thing for them… a lot of ups and downs.
That said, to be an actor you need to have curiosity and determination… they have that in spades, so whatever they do, they'll be alright.
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