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Kanye West slammed for controversial casting call

Fans on Twitter erupted when Kanye asked for “multiracial women only” at the auditions for his Yeezy runway show.
Kanye west

If it’s in the name of fashion…?

Kanye West has left some fans unimpressed, after he released a casting call to find models for his Yeezy Season 4 collection that called for “multiracial women only”.

A handful of his followers took to social media where they expressed their anger, interpreting the call for multi-racialism was to ensure models have fairer skin colour than single race models.

“Hmm at multiracial women only,” one follower tweeted. “Does that include the dark skinned multiracial women or just the light skinned ones?”

Others jumped in on the fray, comparing his use of multiracial to his ex Amber Rose and his wife Kim Kardashian.

“Multiracial = ethnically ambiguous = Amber Rose-ish = Kardashian- = mixed = no black women allowed,” another wrote.

Check out the casting call and decide for yourself. Article continues after video…

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Kanye’s Yeezy shows are usually known for their diversity.

Users commented Kanye was probably looking for someone of ambiguous ethnic descent, such as his wife Kim.

The outrage resulted in some to unfollow the designer, citing the fact that the casting call was the final straw and they were fed up with his antics.

Despite the anger of some, many still flocked at the chance to be a part of the iconic fashion show, with onlookers noticing long lines outside the Manhattan audition.

Jordan Rolling, 24, spoke to the New York Daily News, admitting she had no qualms about the request.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it because it’s his vision.”

“As an artist, if you have a vision, people shouldn’t be able to say anything about that vision.”

Kanye’s Yeezy shows are usually known for their diversity.

Kanye loves to create a conversation, even if it surrounds his choices.

While fellow model, Imogen Cooper, 22, told the newspaper, “Multiracial doesn’t mean light skinned.”

“You can be multiracial and have dark skin tones or pale skin tones. It doesn’t really matter. If you look at people in line, there are people of all skin colors.”

In the past, Yeezy’s previous shows have been praised for their diversity.

His Season 4 collection is set to kick of New York Fashion Week, on Wednesday, no doubt with a celebrity-studded bang.

More Kanye kontroversy! Check out his polarising speech at the MTV VMAs in the clip below.

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