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Celine Dion and Tom Hanks join star-studded lineup to Stand Up To Cancer

Celine Dion, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Emma Stone, Shannen Doherty and Bradley Cooper were just some of the celebrities supporting Stand Up To Cancer.

Hollywood came out in full force as they supported they televised fundraiser on Friday, September 9, in a bid to raise money for cancer research.

Uniting for a cause, many were there because the disease had personally touched their lives.

Celine Dion, who lost her husband Rene Angelil and brother Daniel to cancer, just two days apart in January, used her voice for the worthy cause.

Filled with emotion, the 48-year-old sang in tribute to her loves a song written by Pink, titled Recovery.

“A few months ago during my most difficult time of grieving, I received an unexpected gift from an amazing artist that I have always admired, Pink.”

“She offered me a song that expresses power to stand up and stay strong. This most wonderful song is called Recovery.”

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Celine with Bradley Cooper.

After her emotional performance, the screen behind the mum-of-three lit up with images of her late husband, father and brother.

Speaking to Tom Hanks, she admitted, “I miss Rene every day, and the loss will now be a part of my life. I also lost my father and my brother Daniel to cancer.”

Celine was not the only person who took from personal experience.

Bradley Cooper, who worked as executive producer for the hour-long telecast, lost his father to lung cancer in 2011.

“Besides the fact that I went through it on a first-hand basis with my father,” he said, “a lot of my friends have had cancer… It is daunting, when you think about it, and everyone’s affected by it.”

Rita Wilson has been an inspiration to current cancer suffer Shannen.

Bradley Cooper with patients Mitch Carbon and Emily Whitehead.

A host of Hollywood A-listers swarmed to share their support including Viola Davis, Tom Hanks with wife Rita Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Matt Bomer, Emma Stone, Lena Dunham, Chris Evans, Mel B, Will Arnett, Anna Kendrick, Eric Stonestreet, Matthew McConaughey and many more.

Shannen Doherty made a triumphant appearance on the telethon.

With her husband Kurt Iswarienko by her side, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star was shining in a colourful scarf, proclaiming that her chemotherapy is almost complete.

“It makes my face all bloated,” she admitted about the intense treatment.

“You know, you just… you don’t recognize yourself for the entire time that you’re doing chemo. You have no idea who you are anymore, and you feel so detached from who you used to be.”

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Kristen Wiig was slightly starstruck!

She was clearly happy to be at the charity event, musing, “Oh, it’s emotional, and it means a lot to me that I was even asked to participate.”

The 45-year-old spoke out about her supportive the public have been.

“At the end of the day, you have to have a lot of strength and you have to really be a warrior.”

Kristen Wiig, Celine Dion and Emma Stone are standing up to cancer.

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