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Everyone is convinced Kate Middleton has ‘disappeared’, but what’s the truth?

She hasn't been out in public for almost two months.

By Maddison Leach
There are questions surrounding Kate Middleton's whereabouts as the Duchess hasn't been seen in public or online for several weeks.
Her supposed disappearance comes as rumours of a move to Windsor for her, Prince William and their children hit a new high.
Kate hasn't been photographed for almost 60 days now, with the last public photo of her being snapped on July 11 at the Euro Championship.
She attended the sporting event with husband William and son Prince George but hasn't been seen at any royal engagements since.
Over on social media, the most recent snap of the Duchess of Cambridge was shared on August 6, but the photo posted was taken back in January 2020.
Kate Middleton hasn't attended any formal royal engagements since July. (Getty)
While it's common for the royals to take some time off over the summer months in the UK, several outlets are questioning where the Duchess may be.
The last time she was absent from the public eye for so long was in mid-2020, when she and William headed to Wales for a break and Kate wasn't seen publicly for 41 days.
She's been out of the public eye for almost 60 days this time and her disappearance has coincided with new rumours that she and William are planning to move to Windsor.
The couple and their three children currently split their time between Kensington Palace in London and their countryside Anmer Hall home.
But a source told Mail on Sunday that the Cambridges now feel "too far away" from the Queen at Anmer Hall and hope to move to Windsor, where she spends most of her time.
"Anmer Hall made sense while William was a helicopter pilot in East Anglia and it was useful for Christmases at Sandringham, but it doesn't really work any more," they said.
Now the couple are allegedly "eyeing up options" for housing in Windsor – could this be what Kate has been dedicating her time to behind the scenes?
She and William also spent time holidaying on the Isles of Scilly in mid-August, travelling there with their children for a much-deserved royal break.
According to reports, the couple then headed to Balmoral to spend time with the Queen, who is keeping to her tradition of spending the summer at Balmoral Castle.
It's entirely possible Kate and William are still in holiday mode and enjoying time away from their formal royal duties.
Though William has been seen out and about a few times, Kate's may just be taking a break, which could account for her absence from public life right now.

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