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Dan Ewing's surprising confession about SAS Australia and the truth behind his awkward finale interrogation

''I truly miss the course every single day.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Still fresh off his SAS Australia heartbreak, Dan Ewing has broken his silence on his time on the course and revealed there were "inaccuracies" that made the final cut of the show.
Dan was eliminated in the first of three challenges in the finale episode after failing to recall important information to the DS about a hostage task.
The actor buckled under pressure after misunderstanding the nature of the interrogation, and came up with a cover story rather than providing details.
The former Home and Away actor wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram, saying that he truly misses the course "every single day".
"Yes it was hard, we missed our loved ones and the comforts from home, but there was a PURITY on the course we will never again replicate in the outside world," he penned.
The former Home and Away actor said he truly misses the course "every single day". (Image: Seven)
"All we had was our mindset and each other. There is something very special to me about that. No one was coming to help us but US. I loved the simplicity of it.
"I am truly grateful to my fellow recruits for sharing so much of themselves and allowing me to learn from them."
The father-of-one said all 17 fellow recruits gave him strength and the drive to take on the gruelling course.
"Nothing will ever change my mind on the beautiful, life changing experience that was the SAS Australia course," he wrote.
Dan credited DS Ant Middleton, Mark 'Billy' Billingham, Ollie Ollerton and Jason 'Foxy' Fox for pushing him to his limits and beyond.
"I can only hope my efforts showed them that I was there for the right reasons and gave it everything I had," he said.
"Underneath it all they mentor the recruits far more than what is shown on screen. It's those moments I will treasure the most.
"Every single one of my fellow recruits and I came out better versions of ourselves."
Dan credited DS Ant Middleton, Mark 'Billy' Billingham, Ollie Ollerton and Jason 'Foxy' Fox for pushing him to his limits and beyond. (Image: Seven)
Dan also mentioned that there has been a lot of talk around the "inaccuracies that made the final cut" of the show.
While the 36-year-old didn't mention which incident he was referring to, fellow recruit Jana Pittman has since revealed that all final five celebrities were told to give a fake cover story in their post-hostage interrogation, but only Dan's made it to air.
"Poor Dan … We were given the exact same story and Dan and I did sit there for hours and hours and hours rehearsing it," she told news.com.au.
"That story he said, he went into character straight away whereas I think some of us went in and thought, 'Oh gosh these guys are scary, they're the real deal, I think they're not wanting a story here'.
Jana Pittman revealed all five final recruits were told to give the DS a cover story following their hostage challenge. (Image: Seven)
"Whereas Dan stayed in character which is, to be honest, what we were told to do initially."
Dan infuriated the DS during his interrogation when he was asked for relevant details about his hostage-takers.
"I was brought here for a fundraiser in a car. I'm just an actor, I don't give a f**k what you guys got goin' on," he told them.

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