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Inside MKR's shocking sex tape scandal: "It was borderline pornographic!"

Things are getting heated on the set of MKR.

By NW team
Recently, NW exclusively revealed all the saucy details behind MKR: The Rivals contestants Lauren Matthews and Ben Key's kissing romp on the couch.
But now we hear that a lot more action went down that night!
NW's on-set informant says there's a graphic video of their sexual encounter that was filmed by one of the show's producers and it's bordering on "pornographic" behaviour.
"They lied that they just fell asleep on the couch," the insider spills of Ben, 27, and Lauren, 35.
"As soon as they realised they were being filmed, they were furious."
Lauren was caught in a love triangle with Ben and Roula. She's pictured here with her brother Mark. Image: Channel Seven
The duo were furious that they were filmed! Image: Channel Seven
But that's not all – Ben then tried to smash the producer's camera.
"He was outraged and threatened to punch him!" adds the source.
"Things got heated."
In more ways than one it seems.
Lauren posing up a storm on the 'gram. Image: Instagram
This is the latest update in the MKR love triangle between Lauren, Ben and fellow contestant Roula Kfoury.
Ben and Roula had a few flirty exchanges and an on and off-screen date at the beginning of the series, but their love story quickly fizzled out when Roula found out Ben was two-timing her with Lauren.
Roula previously spilled to NW that she was totally done with him after finding out he and Lauren slept together.
"When I found out I just couldn't deal with it," Roula, 34, said.
WATCH BELOW: Inside MKR's very first love triangle. Story continues after video.
Plus, Lauren has revealed that while all this was happening, she was in a relationship.
"We had only been together for a few months," Lauren told TV WEEK.
"I told him straight away what had happened."
Unfortunately, Lauren says the pair have split since filming the reality show.
"We've parted ways since for different reasons."

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